4-Star PG Tyson Carter Commits to Mississippi State

Starkville (MS) High School class of 2016 4-star point guard Tyson Carter talks about his commitment to Mississippi State.

  • Name: Tyson Carter
  • Classification: 2016
  • High School: Starkville (MS) HIgh School
  • Position: Point Guard
  • HT-WT: 6-foot-3, 160
  • Scout.com Ranking: 4-Star, No. 78 ranked nationally
  • Colleges of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State

What has the recruiting process being like for you?
"It has been fun and exciting. When I kind of blew up in July and started getting all those phone calls from different schools, that was kind of exciting."

Was it a little overwhelming at first?
"It was overwhelming at times. There were a lot of different schools calling me every day."

When did you get to the point where it wasn't so overwhelming for you and you started getting things organized?
"That was at the end of August when I started setting up official visits."

How did you determine which schools that you would visit?
"Really, it came down to the schools that were most appealing to me, the ones that were most serious about me and that were consistent in contacting me."

You grew up around Mississippi State. Your dad played basketball at Mississippi State. Was it difficult to not commit to Mississippi State when you received the offer from them?
"I didn't want to go to Mississippi State just because my dad went there. I really wanted to go to the school that was best for me. I wanted it to be the school that I could be the most successful at. At the end of the day that school was Mississippi State."

All the schools that you visited are great schools. What was different about Mississippi State?
"When I was on my visit and we went through the strength program and I saw how the guys have developed there that was something that I needed for my game. The on the court part, Coach Howland is a really good coach. He is probably one of the best. When he was at UCLA he put a lot of guys into the NBA. And that is really the ultimate goal."

When you had your one-on-one with Coach Howland, what were some of the things that he said about you and your game?
"He said he can make me better on the court and help me to develop my body. He said he could help me be successful and help me get to the next level."

MSU assistant coach George Brooks recruited you for Mississippi State. What did he mean to you recruiting-wise?
"He means a lot to it. We have a really good relationship. We talk a lot at times. He and I know each other really well. We probably have the best relationship of anybody who recruited me. I really feel comfortable around him."

You are attending the same school where your dad played basketball. When it came time to tell him and you mother, what were their reactions?
"We never talked as a family about how I was feeling. It was getting so tiring near the end of the recruiting process due to going on all of the visits, we just never really talked about it. And I just kept a lot of things to myself. When I felt comfortable with where I wanted to go, I let them know. One night last week I let them know where I wanted to go. My mom was really, really excited. He didn't really show much (emotion). He doesn't really show much emotion about things. But I think he was really excited, though."

What are your hopes for Mississippi State as a team and your hopes for yourself individually?
"I hope that we can get back to the Final Four like they did in the '90s. And ultimately I hope I can develop into a really good player and maybe make it to the pros someday."

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