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Fallou Ndoye Ready For Action

Mississippi State sophomore center Fallou Ndoye believes he has improved a great deal since last season.

"I think I have gotten a little bit stronger," said Ndoye. "Offensively, I think I have improved by learning to take my time when I get the ball lin the post. Before, I was trying to hurry and not take what the defense was giving me. (Mississippi State head) Coach (Ben) Howland told me to take my time and to look inside and outside. Defensive-wise, I am learning to play without fouling and also learning to keep my ground."

He gives new strength and conditioning coach David Deets credit for his increase in weight and strength.

"How Coach Deets does it in the weight room is a little bit different than how we used to do it," said Ndoye. "But I think the most important thing we do is how we eat during the summer. That helped all of us gain more weight."

Ndoye believes the center position will be a solid position this season.

"The five (position) will be good this year," he said. "Gavin (Ware) is a really good post player. I can learn a lot from him. When he does a move I try to learn how he does it. When I think I am playing good defense against him and he ends up scoring I think that is a good move. I try to learn from that. So, the next time I get the ball I will try to do the same thing."

Ndoye believes MSU fans are going to see a much improved Gavin Ware this coming season.

"I think Gavin is a lot better offensively," said Ndoye. "And he is confident. He also is in way better shape than he used to be. When we run the floor together he sometimes outruns me and he's never done that before."

Ware is not the only person that has impressed him. He has also liked what he has seen from Howland.

"I have seen Coach Howland coach before because I went to see UCLA games and saw him coach there," he said. "So, I knew who he was before he even came here. Then, when I actually met him and talked to him I thought he is really different than other coaches. You can tell that after the first time you meet him.

"What is different about him is the way he talks and the way he treats his players. He loves his players. He also has a lot of confidence in his players. For example, if one of his shooters passes up the shot he will tell him that he can make the shot and he wants him to shoot the ball. That gives you confidence in your game."

With the improvement in the players and a new coach who is considered one of the best in the business, Ndoye expects great fan support. He and his fellow teammates saw a glimpse of it during the Maroon Madness.

"The atmosphere was great (at Maroon Madness)," said Ndoye. "We had about 4,000 (fans) here. During the season we should have a lot more than that. I think that should make our jobs easier to do because if you have a large crowd they push you to do even better."

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