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Quinndary Weatherspoon Is Learning A New Position

Mississippi State freshman guard Quinndary Weatherspoon is learning a new position, point guard.

"The last session of summer school (head) Coach (Ben) Howland told me that I was going to have to play the one some," said Weatherspoon. "That is when I first stated playing it."

So far, he has been satisfied with the results.

"It is going good," said Weatherspoon. "I think I am most comfortable playing the one now. That is what I have been playing a lot in practice. I have gotten a whole bunch of reps playing the one. But I think once the season starts I will be playing mostly at the two and at the one if I.J. or Malik get hurt."

He explained why Howland asked him to play the point.

"When I have meetings with him and we talk about what I want to do I tell him that I want to get to the next level," said Weatherspoon. "He has told me that the one is the position that I will have to play to do that. So, he has been working me at the one."

It has been much different than playing two-guard, the position that he has played most of his playing career.

"There is a big difference between playing the one and playing the two," said Weatherspoon. "The ball is mostly in your hands just about every time you come down the court. You are running the team, so you have to get everybody in position. I have to know what every player, one through five, is doing. I wasn't used to that at first."

Weatherspoon completely trusts Howland's judgement, though.

"I think Coach Howland is a great coach," he said. "He wants everything done his way. And if it is not his way he will find someone else who can do it his way. Knowing what he has done in the past and all the things that he has achieved I listen to everything that he says. And everything that he needs done I get it done for him."

In addition to learning to play the point guard position, Weatherspoon has also improved his shot.

"Coach Howland has critiqued my shot and he really knows what he is doing," said the talented freshman. "He noticed that I was watching the ball a lot (after I shot it). When I would catch it I would drop it and shoot. He said that when I catch it I needed to just go up and shoot it. I needed to use my legs and jump when I shot the ball. He saw that immediately. I did it and saw results like the next week. I started shooting the ball way better than I have ever shot it before. I am now very consistent with my shot. I probably don't miss two shots in a row now."

He will join another outstanding freshman guard who is known for being a great shooter, Malik Newman. He expects them to really help this year's Bulldog team.

"I think it will be fun to play with Malik in the same backcourt in college," said Weatherspoon, who played on the same AAU team as Newman this past summer. "Mississippi State was in a lot of games last year. They just needed a little bit to get over that hump. They didn't have enough scorers to do it. I think Malik and I can help them with that."

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