Coach Chris Lovell talks about new MSU verbal Schnider Herard

Coach Chris Lovell had a lot of good things to say about the newest Mississippi State basketball verbal Schnider Herard, was on hand for the good word and spoke with the proud coach shortly after the press conference.

What kind of player will Mississippi State fans see when they watch Schnider play?
"I think they are going to be really happy with what they see. The great thing about Schnider is he has been blessed with size and strength. He is incredibly strong. His body is strong, so when he hunkers down and gets his position you can't move him. I'll be if there are many guys who can move him in the SEC. He is that strong."

Even as a freshman?
"Even as a freshman. He has the body and strength already to step in and play in my opinion. He still has a lot of learning to do. He still can develop and get better. But I think Mississippi State fans are going to be very, very excited about what they see with him. He has great touch around the rim. He is a very, very good rebounder. And he is probably one of the best passing big men that I have ever been around my entire life. it is really hard to find guys his size that are good passers."

I know you said he has a good touch around the rim offensively. But what specifically will they see from him offensively? Is he more of a real post guy or does he also shoot from the outside?
"He is a throw back guy. It is hard to find them these days. He is a real center. He is a back to the basket center. What I mean when I saw he has a great touch around the basket, he has a great jump hooks with both hands. He has great footwork, drop steps, finishes around the rim. He has the strength of a Shaq when he dunks. Then he is able to step away to the elbow and hit that little jump shot, which is what he has been working really, really hard on in the last year."

A lot of kids don't always buy into playing defense. Do you think he is close to being ready to play defense in the SEC?
"I hope so. It is my job to make sure he is as close as he possibly can be, then hand it off to Coach Howland and his staff to continue to develop him, which I know they will. Schnider does a great job, he talks. One of the things is you can't be a good player on defense unless you are verbal and can communicate. And he already has that down. I see that every day during practice. The other thing that he does is he is great at using his body to position himself for rebounds. And for me, if you can get a stop and secure rebounds, then you can get out in transition and have fun on offense. I think that is what he will be able to bring."

What did Coach Howland tell you that he liked about Schnider? Talking to Derrick Shelby earlier, he said they made him a really top priority.
"Yeah, Coach Howland expressed that to me. One thing that he was really impressed about Schnider the other day when he was here was just how good of a passer he was out in the post, which is so important because big guys typically will draw double teams. So, a big guy who can find shooters off the perimeter and are unselfish to give it up or give it back can really, really help a team in a lot of different ways. And I think that was exciting to him. The other thing that he mentioned to me was just his soft touch around the rim. Some guys when they shoot it it real hard. But when Schnider puts it up there it always has a chance to go in."

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