Four-star big man talks about his commitment to Mississippi State

Four-star standout center Schnider Herard chose the Bulldogs today over offers from Kansas and 30 other options. The talented big man sat down with and spoke one on one about his decision.

You just committed to Mississippi State. What was it about Mississippi State that made you feel like it was the right place for you?
"First of all, academically they are pretty good. Then, when I went there I was looking on the wall and saw all of the basketball players. Second, if I go there I will start for sure."

Did you like the coaches as well?
"Yeah, Coach Howland, everybody knows about him. He has proven what he can do, being in the Final Four like three times, having so many guys in the league."

Coach (Ernie) Zeigler recruited you for Mississippi State. What do you think about him?
"He is a great coach, too. He was the coach who was working out with the big men. When I went there I was watching him work out the big men. He did a pretty good job with that."

You had something like 34 to 35 scholarship offers. How did you wind up choosing the four that were your finalists, Purdue, Kansas, Texas Tech and Mississippi State?
"It was tough to cut it down to four. But I figured it out."

When did you actually know that Mississippi State was the school that you wanted to go to? Was there a certain moment?
"I do a lot of research because I don't choose a school by the big names. I just wanted to find the best fit for me where I can play. I don't want to go to a big school and sit down on the bench. I want to go to a small school where I can play."

What are your strengths on the basketball court?
"I still have a lot of stuff to work on. I do a lot of little things. Offensively, I can score the ball. I'm not great at it but I'm good at it."

When you were on your visit, you got to meet a lot of the players. I know a lot of them will be leaving because they are seniors but what are your thoughts about the players?
"They are really great guys. When I went there they took care of me so I felt like I was at home. I felt like I was on the team."

Did you always feel like you were the highest priority with Mississippi State that you could possibly be? Did you always feel like you were the number 1 priority?
"Yeah, that was really important to me."

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