Mississippi State defensive lineman Chris Jones talks about his big game against the Tigers

Mississippi State improved to 7-2 after a 31-13 win on the road at Missouri. Defensive lineman Chris Jones had perhaps his best game of the season. Coach Dan Mullen praised Jones during his post game comments. Jones called his showing an "ok" game when he met with the media

There was talk all week about how physical Missouri's offensive line was, With you and Nick James and whomever else was playing tackle you guys seem to dominate at that position.
"Oh yeah, man we had a gameplan to come in and outwork those guys. We worked at it all week."

How satisfying was it to get that sack after you kind of let go the first two times?
"I kept on telling myself that I have to get him because I missed two in the first half. So, I knew I had to get him."

How persistent have you been in practice this year?
"Every week I try to get better. I learned last week what my mistakes were and I tried to get better myself."

How does this performance this week rate for you?
"I think I have to get better. I have to do better."

Was this one of your better ones?
"Yeah, it is an ok game. But I still have to do better. I have to go watch film and see what I can do to fix my mistakes."

Can you build off of this game?
"Yeah, every game is a learning process. You learn from every mistake. So I can find out what I can get better at."

Even though Missouri did score one touchdown you held them to field goals and never let them take a lead. How big was that?
"It was big. Coach Diaz emphasizes that no matter where the ball is don't let the ball in the endzone. Do whatever it takes to keep the ball out of the endzone."

There were a couple of quick turnarounds for the defense due to the offense turning the ball over. You guys only allowed field goals both times. How much pride do you take in that?
"All we want to do is put the ball down. The offense had a couple of miscues but it doesn't matter to us about the offense. We just have the mentality to put the ball down anywhere it is. We are going to stop it."

The defense line had 11 tackles for losses. Do you think you guys are starting to click?
"I wouldn't say we are starting to click. I think we have been clicking. We all are fixing our mistakes. We are getting better every game."

What is the mentality heading into this week where you are about to play Alabama, a team that has kind of been a thorn in the side of Mississippi State the last couple of years?
"We are going to watch film on them. It is probably the same thing every week. They have better talent, not downing Missouri but they have better talent. We will watch film and see what advantage we can get on them."

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