Mississippi State wideout De'Runnya Wilson talks about his team's win over Missouri

Mississippi State wide receiver De'Runnya Wilson found the end zone twice on Thursday night as the Bulldogs ran by Missouri 31-13. Mississippi State now 7-2 is fighting for bowl position and to keep their slim chances of winning the SEC Western Division alive.

Talk about the play you and Dak made tonight on the sideline.
"That is something that we have worked on in practice. We tried to come out and execute but we started out a little slow. We just had to come out and execute. ."

How lethal do you feel you and Dak are? You have 17 touchdown passes between you.
"We can be better. We still have to work throughout the week on the gameplan. But like I said, it was like cover two on my side. That left Ross and Brown open today. I just did my job and tried to take advantage of that."

During the third quarter when the clock was being reset did you go over and tell Dak to get the ball to you?
"No, I told him the guy was giving me a release and opening up the inside. (Not sure what else was said)"

They went man to man on you a lot. What is your reaction when you see man to man coverage on you?
"My eyes get big because I know the ball is going to come to me. So I just try to execute and run my route, come out of my break and do whatever I can do to help the team."

You show a lot of emotion. Where does that come from?
"Just being that guy. I'm trying to help the team, blocking, not just catching the ball. I'm doing the little things. I try to go out there and do my job to the best of my ability."

What has been the difference in the offense the past four games?
"We have gotten control of the perimeter. We have to block the perimeter, control the line of scrimmage. We have to make the play when our jersey number is called."

What has been the difference in you the last four games? You have been monster during those games?
"I'm just trying to help the team the best that I can."

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