Mississippi State safety Kivon Coman talks about his team's win over Missouri

Mississippi State saw a strong defensive effort again last night as the Bulldogs limited Missouri to 13 points. Despite being given the short end of the field, the Bulldogs forced field goals rather than allowing touchdowns. Safety Kivon Coman helped put the nail in the 3rd quarter coffin with an interception on Missouri's first possession of the second half.

Talk about your interception.
"It was a great play but I give thanks to my defensive line because they were rushing the quarterback and he had no place to throw the ball. And I made the play."

What were you guys doing in the secondary that helped the defensive line play so well?
"We were playing coverages no matter if he scrambled. We knew he was going to run the ball. We executed what Coach Diaz had us do with the gameplan. "

Chris Jones had a couple of sacks tonight. What did you see from him?
"I saw a motor from him that he has been carrying from game one. He is hungry. That is how he practices and how he plays."

Was it a surprise to just knock down the pass and not allow them another touchdown?
"Yes sir. I had gotten a pass interference so I had to make up for it. As long as they didn't get in the endzone I was find with that."

You and Brandon kind of walked over to the Missouri players and gave them some looks. What was your mindset going into this game against Missouri?
"Our thing is if you look a man in his eye and he looks away, then he is not ready to play. That is what we set our mind on all week and that is what we did."

You haven't allowed a touchdown in the 4th quarter this year. Is that a point of pride for you guys?
"Yeah, but we don't like being scored on at anytime. But we know that is crunch time and we have to play like we haven't played the entire game. And it has been successful."

Was this your best game this year?
"Yes sir, by far. I am getting better and better every week. But I'm still processing, I'm still learning. It is coming to me more easy now."

Do you think the secondary is getting better despite the injuries?
"I think we still miss those guys but we have young players that have been there and done that that have stepped in and done a great job."

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