Ready, Weatherspoon, Ware talk Mississippi State win

Mississippi State basketball players I.J. Ready, Quinndary Weatherspoon and Gavin Ware talks about their team's 95-56 win over Fort Valley State Friday night in Humphrey Coliseum.

Quinndary, how did you feel about your performance in the first half? Coach Howland said it was much better than you did in the scrimmage.
Quinndary: "I think I played real solid because in the scrimmage I turned the ball over a lot. Tonight, I only had two turnovers so I think I played real good."

Quinndary, talk about that stretch that you had at the end of the first half.
Quinndary: "I was just playing within the offense, to be honest. My guys were giving me open shots and I was knocking them down. I was really just playing within the offense and got good shots."

I.J, you seemed to be a lot more agressive shooting the ball tonight than you have the first few years here. Are you approaching the game where you are going to put up more shots?
I.J.: "Not necessarily put up more shots but just be more aggressive. Just try to be more assertive in the game. I know just having open shots and scoring, it also opens up shots for everybody else on the team. So, I just want to be more aggressive."

I.J. Coach (Howland) talked about six guys being in double figures in points. He was very pleased with that. How do you see that with your teammates?
I.J.: "Everybody can score on our team. I don't think anybody just comes down to jack up shots. There are so many offense powers on this team it is ridiculous. So, it somebody has an open shot we tell them don't pass up the shot because you don't get too many open shots in college basketball. And we have worked on it so much that everybody is confident in their shooting ability."

Gavin, how much was it a point of emphasis to you to hustle down the court and try to get ahead of the opponent, especially after a made buckle, I think you had a couple of dunks off of those.
Gavin: "Coach really stresses that you run in transition against any team and it (causes) the defense to collapse in and it allows for our guards to get shots and dribble drive."

I.J., assess how Quinndary did at point guard while you were out of the game?
I.J.: "He did good. Him not trying to force it and playing within the offense. They did a good job of giving him the ball and he did a good job of reverting the ball to them. That is what opened up his shot."

Quinndary, what do you think was the difference in you tonight compared to the scrimmage?
Quinndary: "I was confident, to be honest. And I slowed down. I didn't try to force stuff like I did in the scrimmage. I just let the offense come to me. I think I did that differently."

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