Mississippi State wide receiver De'Runnya Wilson talks about his team's up coming game with Alabama.

Mississippi State's offense has found a solid groove during the middle of the season. The Bulldogs will host the SEC's top defense this weekend when Alabama comes to town for an important match-up in the race for the SEC Western Division title. Wide receiver De'Runnya Wilson has become a very potent part of the Bulldog offense and he is eager to compete against the Crimson Tide in another big game between the two programs.

You had your first 100-yard game. Was it nice to get that under your belt this week?
"Yeah, it was. Mainly, I was just doing my job."

What has changed for you in production the last couple of months?
"Realizes that most teams are running cover 2. I just try to go out there with the attitude of getting my job done and try to grade out in every game."

How has the attitude changed this week?
"We have a great defense. You aren't going to win games without a great defense. The main thing we try to do on offense is make the big plays. That is why we have been so explosive the last couple of games."

Do you think that you are getting more touches now due to team's being tired of being beaten by Fred Ross and being more honest with their coverage?
"Some teams just play man to man coverage. I feel like if it is man to man I have a good possibility of getting the ball. On man to man coverage Fred Ross can stick them, get the ball too. But it is not about getting the ball. It is about going out there and doing your job for your team."

Do you expect to see more man coverage from Alabama?
"There is a lot of man. They play two man on third and ten. On third and 6 and 9 they play man. There is no difference, just one yard. But it will be more man to man this week than last week in the Missouri game. We just have to execute."

What is Cyrus Jones like playing against at corner?
"I thought he was the best corner that I have played against in the SEC. He is very physical, very strong, fast, quick. I give credit to him because I had to work even harder preparing for him that weekend. It is going to be a great matchup."

When you faced him last year was it a surprise how physical he was considering his size?
"It surprised me a little but I played against him my freshman year, too. I just have to play big and fast. That is my advantage over a lot of cornerbacks in the SEC."

What are some of the ways that you can use your size against the corners in the SEC?
"Running a slant route. I don't think I get much separation from them outside of my route. But a little separation helps catching the ball. Coach always says stay with my hands but sometimes coming out of the break the ball is coming so fast I have long arms so I can extend them. Blocking them out can help. Playing fast. It is just being a threat out there on the football field."

Fred Ross said the difference in this game may be one or two plays and either you or him may need to make a spectacular play, do something that you normally aren't expected to do. Do you think it will come down to a play like that?
"I approach every game knowing that I have to make the play for the offense. Our coach prepares every receiver to make the play every game on the weekend. It is up to us to go out there and make the play. Sometimes you have to change your route because they have different coverages. You have to do the little things and execute when your number is called."

Your team has had four straight games with at least 30 points. Is the offense peaking heading into this game?
"I won't say we are peaking. We have a great, experienced quarterback. And we have a great defense that we know will get stops. And we know that we have to give them a break and score touchdowns. We have a great gameplan each and every week. We just have to execute it to the best of our ability on the football field. Not even catching ball, blocking on the perimeter, changing the route because the defense is in a different coverage, and help get someone else open. Let's say they have coverage two, have protection release, open up the H. There are different things that we have to do to do our job out there."

What do you see from the front seven of Alabama when you watch them on tape?
"I watched them the last game. I was actually at the Alabama game when they played LSU. Their front seven is pretty good but it is not my job to focus on the front seven. I am more of a secondary guy. I don't know what is going on."

Are you glad you don't have to focus on their front seven?
"I am glad, but I just want to win the game. That's all."

What were your impressions of that game?
"I was trying to see how they were covering the receivers for LSU. They played man the whole game, but there wasn't anything different that I could see. LSU played the I formation. They had one receiver lined up outside. It was man to man the whole game. For us, we have two sides of receivers. I was trying to see their basic coverage but I didn't see that this week. I did see Cyrus Jones' different techniques giving the receiver a free release down the field and force the receiver outside. There were a lot of things that I learned."

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