Mississippi State defensive end Ryan Brown talks about this weekend's game against Alabama.

Mississippi State has taken some real strides on the defensive side of the ball in recent weeks. The Bulldogs have been able to give their offense more than a little breathing room during the team's current four game winning streak. Senior defensive end Ryan Brown reports that his team has worked had to prepare for the challenges this week's opponent, Alabama, brings to the table.

What have you seen from Alabama on film?

"They are a physical team and they really try to establish their run game. Very physical, big and determined."

You guys haven't allowed a touchdown in the 4th quarter. How much emphasis do you guys put on that?
"It is a good thing because it shows how good we can be. It kinda of shows us what we can do. We just have to start faster. And we did that last week. We just have to continue to get better on that aspect (of our game)."

How important do you think that will be in this type game where the offense likes to wear the defense down?
"Very, very, very important, similar to LSU. That came down to the wire. We really expect the same thing, even better. It is going to be really important. Every play will be important."

What kind of challenges does Derrick Henry present that other backs might not?
"He is big, physical and he doesn't like to go down. And when he falls he continues to fall forward instead of backwards. That is a bit of a challenge. He's a great back."

A.J. Jefferson has had a big season. How much has it opened things up for you playing across from him?
"He has had a great season, like you said. It has been a blast seeing my boy going off. It has opened a lot of things for me; it has opened a lot of things for him. I guess we will see what happens Saturday night."

You guys have been pretty effective getting to the quarterback. What has been the recipe for that?
"Just being relentless in our rush. We just make sure the quarterback feels us."

Is there room for improvement?
"Yeah, we can improve. Sacks come in bunches which happened last game. Two games before that we had like one sack. We will just try to continue to move forward."

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