Mississippi State running back Brandon Holloway talks about his team's loss to Alabama.

Mississippi State put up some big yards, but had little to show for it on the scoreboard as Alabama knocked off the Bulldogs 31-6. With the loss, Mississippi State is eliminated from the race for the SEC Western Division title and must now look to work their way up the bowl pecking order in hopes of a warm holiday destination. Running back Brandon Holloway spoke about his team's showing against the Tide in this video presentation.

You were in the backfield at times. How difficult was the Alabama pass-rush?

"They have a good defensive line. And that is what they do well, pass-rushing."

What was different about their defensive line compared to Auburn, LSU and Texas A&M?
"I don't think they were different. They did twists and stuff but a lot of teams do that but they are stronger at it."

You made a couple of plays, a 19-yard run. How were you able to make those plays outside on the sideline among all the pressure they put on you guys?
"We wanted to protect Dak so he would have time to throw the ball. Then we had to track the ball down."

Did you think the game changed much with that pressure where you tried to run quicker, shorter routes?
"I don't really think it changed. We just had to pass the ball and we just had to protect him to let him do it."

Is Dak pretty beat up?
"No, he is fine. That is a big boy."

With this game knocking you out of the SEC West title, what is the mentality like in the locker room now?
"We will keep fighting. This is not going to change anything for us."

Why were you guys not able to punch it in once you got into the redzone?
"It was a good defense and we didn't execute at the moment. And that was what we needed to do."

What do you think you guys need to do to get ready for Arkansas?
"We need to do what we have been doing, work hard and practice hard."

How did this loss feel different than the other losses?
"I don't think it feels different at all. Every loss is bad. I don't think anybody every adjusts to a loss."

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