Mississippi State wide out Fred Ross talks about his team's 31-6 loss to Alabama.

Mississippi State threw for 300 yards on Saturday, but the Bulldogs were unable to find the end zone in a 31-6 setback to Alabama. Fred Ross was the the leading Bulldog pass catcher with eight grabs for 114 yards. Ross met with the media following the contest and shared his thoughts about what took place and what is to come.

Talk about the first half. You could move the ball pretty well but couldn't get it into the endzone.
"We did what we had to do to move the ball to the redzone. Then, when we got there it kind of stalled. When you play a great team like Alabama that can happen."

What did they do differently in the redzone where it was more difficult to move the ball in there?
"They have a great defense and kind of make everything tight, passes are harder to catch and the running holes are a lot smaller."

What was said in the locker room after the game?
"We have to continue moving. We can't let this loss determine where we are as a team. We just have to keep moving."

Do you think if you had punched it in on the 4th and goal the game would have had a different outcome?
"Definitely. Momentum plays a big part in the college game so I felt that played a big part in the game."

You mentioned earlier in the week that you guys wanted to come out swinging and being aggressive. Do you feel like you did that in the first half?
"I definitely feel like we did. But like I said we didn't have a lot in the redzone."

Did you sense any frustration from the offensive line?
"I really don't know. Coach Hevesy talked to them at halftime, trying to get them going."

As a receiver, how does the gameplan change, do you run quicker, shorter routes?
"No, we did what we did. We got open. We just couldn't score in the redzone."

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