Morgan William and Victoria Vivians November 18, 2015 interview

GPTV: Mississippi State sophomore basketball players Morgan William and Victoria Vivians talk to the media, November 18, 2015.

What do you guys think you learned from Saturday's game?
Morgan William - "(We have) got a lot to improve on defense. We didn't expect that from them. We can't take plays off. Whenever we are pressing without the ball we always have to be in a defensive stance. When we watched film and we were pressing without the ball we were just standing and looking when we needed to be playing defense all of the time."

Victoria Vivians - "Like Morgan said, we have to play better defense and we have to be better prepared for the game because I don't think we were as warmed up as we are supposed to be. On the offensive and defensive ends we have to do better."

What do you think you have to do better on offense?
Victoria Vivians - "We didn't shoot the ball very well in that game, so we have to shoot it better. We need to be more approachable on offense."

Morgan William - "We need to have patience, attack the basket and have good shot selections."

Morgan, how did last year's freshman season help you going into this year?
Morgan William - "It helped a lot coming off the bench and playing a lot of minutes. It is a lot more with my role. I'm a captain. I'm a sophomore point guard and I'm still learning the plays."

How much progress do you feel like you have to make to where you feel like you are the number 10 and ranked team on both ends of the floor?
Victoria Vivians - "We have far to go but I feel like it is possible and we are able to do it. We are young and have to gradually grow on defense and offense. More people have to shoot and more people have to take better shots. And everybody has to get better on defense. Obviously, in the last game (defense) was kind of bad. Everybody has to have a different approach because we saw how bad we looked. We have to come in every day with a different perspective."

Morgan William - "We have to be confident, too. We are young. Some people didn't play last year and they need to step up and play. You just have to have confidence that you can do it."

Did you sense that some of your teammates weren't as confident as you would have liked?
"Blair (Schaefer) shot the ball. She didn't make many but she shot the ball. And we missed Kayla (Nevitt) that game, too. Kayla is a good min-range shooter who would have helped, too."

Victoria, how difficult was it on you getting in foul trouble in the first game of the year when you wanted to score points?
"It was frustrating but not to frustrating because I know my team had my back. They came out and did what they had to do. I feel like the fouls were kind of iffy. One of them was but it was ok. But I knew my teammates were going to go out there and do what they had to do to win the game. Even though it was tough, they did what they had to do to handle it."

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