Mississippi State record setting wide out De'Runnya Wilson talks about his team's win on the road at Arkansas

Mississippi State's Dak Prescott and De'Runnya Wilson connected for a touchdown for the 18th time in their playing careers moving them to the top of the MSU mountain as a pitch and catch touchdown tandem. An emotional Wilson met with the media following his team's 51-50 win over Arkansas

How you ever seen Dak on his game like tonight?
"Oh, he played a terrific game. Hats off to him. Before we came out for halftime he told us that he was going to leave it all out there. And throughout the week of practice the effort he brings to the table as a leader we just feed off of that."

Coach Mullen said even after those three turnovers and you got behind you stayed with your offense.
"Yes man, you listen to your leader. A guy like Dak, who has been here a long time and made plays, knowing the organization, just knowing the gameplan, wants the best for the team, we had to feed off of him. We just made the plays down the stretch to win the ballgame. ."

What did he tell you after the three turnovers?
"Man, I was shook a little bit, but he told me to keep going hard, keep doing my 1 in a 11 and he is coming back to me. We are going to get it done."

As an offense, do you have faith in Dak no matter what the scoreboard says?
"That is our quarterback. That is what he brings to the table, so we have to have faith in him. We already know that he is a great leader and that he is going to leave it all on the football field. We just try to feed off of that and do what he does but even better."

Where were you watching the field goal attempt by Arkansas at the end of the game?
"I didn't even watch. I was just looking at Malik Dear, telling him to tell me what happened. Before I knew it I saw our sideline get juiced up. It was an exciting feeling."

What was that feeling like?
"Just every play, from the first quarter to the last, you are thinking about all of that. The drop that I had. All of that was going through my head. But I had to maintain it and go out there and make plays for the team. When that field goal came and I hadn't seen Arkansas drop the ball I said D let's get a stop. I had faith in our defense no matter what it was, what down it was, what position it was in. I knew they were going to make the play."

Dak threw for over 500 yards. Mullen thinks he may be the best player that he has ever coached. Has it ever crossed your mind the quarterback that you have?
"Just knowing what type guy that he is. You can say how great of a quarterback that he is but he is a leader first."

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