Mississippi State running back Brandon Holloway talks about his team's fourth win in a row over Arkansas

Mississippi State running back Brandon Holloway had another solid showing for the Bulldogs. The Florida native found the endzone early in the contest and did his part to earn some big first downs late. Holloway met with the media following his team's 51-50 win over Arkansas. Now 8-3, Holloway and the rest of the Bulldogs will get ready for Egg Bowl week.

What do you think the key was against Arkansas' defense today?
"I think we executed with everything, our run game, our passing game. I think that is all that we need to keep doing. We have been shooting ourselves in the foot. ."

Going into the game what were you guys scheming against?
"They were pretty good. I like their front, too, when I was looking at them. But to win the game we just wanted to get the ball in the air a little bit, some more different run plays. ."

Did it surprise you to have a shootout like this where the quarterbacks threw for 7 touchdowns and there was a 3 differential turnover margin and you still pull it out?
"I mean I don't really think it was a surprise. Like I said, we were shooting ourselves in the foot. I think we could have pulled it away a little bit more. But we were kind of making our own mistakes."

What kind of mistakes?
"Turning over the ball. I had a turnover that I am not happy about that I have to get fixed for next week. Things like that."

Let's talk about that walk to the sidelines after that fumble. Tell me about that.
"The best thing to have in football is a short memory. Of course it is going to be haunting me but I have to go back to practice and fix it for next week to make sure it doesn't happen again."

To win the way you did, does that give you some momentum heading into next week?
"Oh, yeah, I mean yeah. But you don't need momentum for next week. It is one of the biggest games that we have. You don't really need momentum for it."

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