Mississippi State linebacker Richie Brown talks about his team's SEC road win at Arkansas.

Offense was the name of the game when the Bulldogs and Razorbacks got together Saturday night, but in the end the Bulldog defense made a play to preserve the narrowest of margins. Mississippi State won 51-50 in a wild one in Fayetteville. The Mississippi State seniors graduate with a perfect 4-0 over the SEC Western rival Razorbacks

Coach Mullen said even in the third quarter after Arkansas scored some easy points both the offense and the defense stayed with the plan. You didn't panic or adjust.
"We did. That is something that we kind of do, we bend but don't break. We are not going to panic. If something goes wrong, we face adversity. We train all season for that."

Was this a game where the defense could have easily gotten frustrated because there were so many big plays by their quarterback, close plays?
"Yeah, there were a lot of crazy plays. He kept making a lot of big throws. It was a frustrating game. You were trying to figure out whose guy that was. Then you had turnovers. That always frustrates me but we tried not to let it frustrate us."

As a defense, what was it like on that last drive when you know it is basically going to be for the game?
"I mean you have to lock in. You can't let them get the easy throws. You just have to make sure you hold them. There is not much time on the clock. You know they are going to try to run it toward the sideline. We probably could have executed a little bit better as far as that goes. But we did enough to win and that is all that matters."

This is kind of a strange question but to win it the way you did it probably made life a lot easier, that 31-14 lead. But to win it the way you did, could it actually carry you more into the next week?
"Sure, yeah, it is a lot more momentum off of that. It was a very exciting win. There is a lot of stuff that we can learn from that win. We are going to take all of that knowledge and take it into the Ole Miss game."

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