Bulldog Blockers Face Fast, Physical Rebel Front

The last regular season game is still days from kickoff. Yet already Coach John Hevesy can feel like a winner in one aspect. "They're still playing."

They as in the core offensive line with which Mississippi State began the schedule remains intact here at the end of November. “You have the seven guys that you’re going to fight the last one.”

Maybe this won’t be remembered among the better front lines of Coach Dan Mullen’s tenure. But durability over a dozen games counts for something in this conference. And there is even a late-season twist, possibly, as Mississippi State lines everyone up for the Battle for the Golden Egg.

The return of Justin Senior, who’d started 23-straight games before sitting out Arkansas with a practice ankle sprain, gives Hevesy options for the Egg Bowl at right tackle. Redshirt freshman Elgton Jenkins stepped in at right tackle and “He did well,” Hevesy said in State’s victory. Jenkins had started once already but at right tackle, and against Troy.

Hevesy said Senior could have played at Arkansas, and in fact during the third quarter he line coach considered a quick change. “But his ankle was probably 70%, and Elgton was doing fine.”

So then, which will start at right tackle in the game that matters most, against a fast and aggressive Ole Miss defensive line? Hevesy won’t say. Or really need to. Having all three tackles, along with regular LT Rufus Warren, is a late-season luxury for any SEC squad.

So is having all the interior Dogs, with LG Justin Malone, C Jamaal Clayborn, RG Devon Desper, and rotation guard Deion Calhoun.

Hevesy discussed the matchup with Ole Miss and the state of State blocking, as well as the departing seniors, following a mid-week practice.

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