Mississippi State linebacker Richie Brown discusses losing the Golden Egg for the second straight season

Mississippi State linebacker Richie Brown was among the Bulldogs leading tacklers once again. The Bulldog defense saw some Rebel ball carriers slip through their grasp early on which enabled the visitors to build an early 21-0 lead. Despite some strong play down the stretch, the comeback could not be completed. Brown talked about what went wrong following the contest.

What was going on on the defensive side of the ball that allowed them to execute better than you would have liked?
"I think we messed up some tackling and some simple things early in the game, and kind of dug ourselves a hole at first. It was just some simple things that we knew were coming that we didn't execute very well. Some missed tackles here and there that we could have made."

What adjustments were made at halftime? You guys played better in the second half.
"It wasn't any numbers. It was like we knew what was going on. There was no surprise in the game, we just weren't playing our best game right now. We said let's come back and show the nation that we aren't going to give up. But I guess we dug ourselves a hole that was too deep."

Chad Kelly was pretty elusive during the game.
"Yeah, he is kind of deception with his speed. He turns no plays into plays sometimes. We were trying to shut down the big throws, the big passes, and the big plays he usually makes. we did a decent job of that but not tackling, just some little things that we have to correct."

It seemed a little difficult for you guys to stop them on third down. What were they doing on the third downs?
"Yeah, in the first half the third down was a problem for us. We had a lot of opportunities to get off of the field and they were making some big plays down the field that we should have stopped. There was just a lot going on. We made some adjustments at half and played better in the second half."

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