Mississippi State record holder talks 38-27 loss to Ole Miss.

There was not a lot of good news for the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the team's 38-27 loss to rival Ole Miss. One bright spot was Bulldog junior wide out Fred Ross who hauled in a dozen Dak Prescott passes on his way to setting the Bulldog single season high mark for receptions with 81. Ross met with the media following his team's loss.

What do you think was the reason for the slow start on offense?
"It was kind of everything happening at the wrong time. We came out in the redzone and had a false start. And we turned the ball over. It was just bad stuff happening at the wrong time."

Did Dak say anything to the offense after the false start?
"He just told us he was going to pick it up himself. That is not the type person Dak is, Dak will take the blame, Even though everything is not his fault, he will take the blame. I wish things would have turned out differently, but I am glad I played (on the same team) with him."

You set the single-season reception record (for Mississippi State). Did you envision that with De'Runnya on the other side?
"I didn't. I just try to go out every game and try to win. Whatever happens, happens. Thanks for telling me (smile)."

Is it easy to be reflection now that you have this one out of the way and you have a bowl game coming up?
"We have to put this loss behind us and keep moving. This loss doesn't define us as a team. We just have to go into the bowl game and finish strong."

Does last year's bowl game loss factor into how you feel going into this year's bowl game?
"Yeah, most definitely. We didn't finish the way we wanted to. So, going into this bowl game and coming off of this (Ole Miss) loss we have to dominate no matter who they are."

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