Mississippi State senior corner Taveze Calhoun talks about his team's loss in the Egg Bowl

Senior Taveze Calhoun played his final home game as a Mississippi State Bulldog on Saturday night. Calhoun and his classmates were unable to recapture the Golden Egg from rival Ole Miss. Calhoun met with the media to share his disappointment about the loss as well as his eagerness to wear the Maroon and White one more time.

I know it is tough going out with a loss you final game as a senior. Talk about the emotions you and the rest of the seniors are feeling right now.
"It is tough but I am going to have the memories, all of the good times that we had in this stadium, all of the friendships that we have made with each other. Everybody will go their separate ways. I think that is what I am going to miss the most, the friendships that I have made, the bonds that I have made."

So much is made about the home team having an advantage. But Ole Miss jumped out to an early lead. How much did that take out of your team?
"I wouldn't say it took out anything. They just made plays. They were the better team tonight, top to bottom. They outplayed us. They got the win but I feel like we tried to battle the whole game and played our hearts out. Unfortunately, we weren't able to come up with the win."

What were they doing offensively that allowed them to execute so well?
"I don't think they did anything new. We knew what they were going to do, a lot of the same plays. They did have some good athletes, though. The quarterback made some plays, scrambled, made some plays. Credit them, they have some good players too. ."

Their quarterback appeared to be elusive. There were a couple of times when you guys appeared to have him but he got away. How tough was he?
"It is real tough when you are playing a quarterback who is making plays like that. It is hard to cover. The defensive line aren't putting enough pressure on him. And he's escaping them. You have to give credit to him, he is a heck of a football player. He made a lot of big-time plays tonight."

What was said after the game to rally the team for the bowl game?
"We just want to go out a winner. Our team is like a family. We just want to send the seniors out the right way, with a win, and have the momentum going into next year. That is basically what we said, just try to get a win so we will have momentum going into the offseason."

As bitter as this game is, how happy are you to have one more game to play?
"I am real happy. I love my teammates, I love my school. It is just a blessing to be able to wear maroon and white one more time. I am going to try and take advantage of the opportunity and have fun in the bowl preps with my teammates in the short time that we have together. Just go out there and give it 100%."

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