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Dak Prescott's TD History; All-SEC Word Comes This Week

How does a Bulldog score 110 touchdowns? Why, one at a time, of course.

With one game left in his career, or rather in his epoch at Mississippi State, quarterback Dak Prescott has accounted for 110 total touchdowns. That’s passing, rushing, even receiving…and if given the chance he likely would have found a way to return a kick for six, too.

This touchdown total is, obviously, far beyond anything any other Bulldog of any era achieved. The better perspective is where Prescott stands in SEC history. That would be fourth, behind Tim Tebow (145), Aaron Murray (137), and Danny Wuerffel (122).

Though Mississippi State took a step-back this regular season, from 10-2 to 8-4, Prescott still could and likely should pull off something not done by a Bulldog since the 1950s. Prescott is the reigning All-SEC first team quarterback from 2014.

If league media and coaches acknowledge him again in 2015, he will be just the third State triggerman to repeat. Jackie Parker did it in 1952 and ’53, and Billy Stacy in 1956 and ’57. Though, both those two were listed simply as ‘back’ instead of what is now called quarterback.

Prescott was also headed to Jackson and the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Tuesday. The 2015 trophy given the top college player in the state will be handed out. Prescott could become State’s first two-time winner after earning it by vote of media and public in ’14.

As for Prescott’s final appearance in a Mississippi State uniform, the Bulldog bowl assignment will come Sunday. Whoever the opponent, Prescott can add a few more touchdowns to his record total as listed here

One at a time.

(*started that game.)

2012: 4 rushing, 4 passing

Jackson State : 2-yard rush

South Alabama: 2-yard rush

Tennessee: 13-yard pass to Marcus Green

Middle Tennessee: 5-yard rush

Alabama: 2-yard pass to Robert Johnson

LSU: 9-yard pass to Marcus Green

Arkansas: 4-yard rush

Mississippi: 8-yard pass to Chad Bumphis


2013: 13 rushing, 10 passing, 2 receiving

*Alcorn State: 11-yard rush, 14-yard pass to Derrick Milton, 31-yard pass to Jameon Lewis

*Auburn: 5-yard rush, 2-yard rush

*Troy: 36-yard reception from Lewis, 22-yard rush, 11-yard rush, 50-yard pass to Lewis

*LSU: 28-yard rush

Bowling Green: 75-yard rush, 10-yard rush

*Kentucky: 60-yard pass to Malcolm Johnson, 17-yard pass to Lewis, 17-yard reception from Lewis

*South Carolina: 1-yard rush, 11-yard rush

Texas A&M: 3-yard pass to De’Runnya Wilson, 12-yard pass to LaDarius Perkins

Mississippi: 3-yard rush

*Rice: 10-yard pass to Perkins; 13-yard pass to M.Johnson, 4-yard pass to Artimas Samuel, 5-yard rush, 11-yard rush


2014: 14 rushing, 27 passing, 1 receiving

*Southern Miss: 25-yard pass to De’Runnya Wilson, 35-yard pass to Fred Ross, 23-yard pass to Malcolm Johnson, 24-yard pass to Wilson

*UAB: 68-yard pass to Robert Johnson, 20-yard pass to Gus Walley, 4-yard rush, 15-yard pass to Joe Morrow, 8-yard pass to Wilson

*South Alabama: 15-yard pass to M.Johnson, 24-yard reception for Jameon Lewis, 40-yard rush

*LSU: 9-yard pass to Wilson, 56-yard rush, 74-yard pass to Lewis

*Texas A&M: 1-yard rush, 9-yard pass to Wilson, 2-yard rush, 51-yard pass to Fred Brown, 11-yard rush

*Auburn: 34-yard pass to Wilson, 2-yard rush, 15-yard rush

*Kentucky: 2-yard rush, 11-yard rush, 8-yard pass to Brandon Hill

*Arkansas: 69-yard pass to Fred Ross

*Tennessee-Martin: 10-yard pass to Fred Brown, 48-yard rush, 55-yard pass to Morrow

*Alabama: 4-yard pass to Ross, 4-yard pass to Lewis

*Vanderbilt: 9-yard pass to M.Johnson, 27-yard pass to Morrow, 14-yard pass to Josh Robinson, 4-yard rush

*Mississippi: 1-yard rush, 32-yard pass to Wilson

*Georgia Tech: 5-yard rush, 42-yard pass to Ross, 7-yard pass to Wilson, 12-yard pass to Wilson


2015: 10 rushing, 25 passing

*Southern Miss: 5-yard pass to Justin Johnson, 4-yard pass to Gus Walley, 7-yard rush

*LSU: 1-yard rush, 5-yard pass to De’Runnya Wilson

*Northwestern State: 49-yard pass to Gabe Myles, 6-yard pass to Holloway

*Auburn: 32-yard pass to Myles, 17-yard pass to Wilson

*Texas A&M: 5-yard rush

*Troy: 59-yard pass to Fred Ross

*Louisiana Tech: 5-yard pass to Wilson, 2-yard rush, 20-yard pass to Wilson, 12-yard pass to Brown

*Kentucky: 1-yard rush, 13-yard pass to Wilson, 8-yard pass to Holloway, 20-yard rush, 13-yard pass to Darrion Hutcherson, 18-yard rush (note: 6 TDs ties MSU game record)

*Missouri: 36-yard pass to Ross, 28-yard pass to Wilson, 5-yard pass to Wilson, 8-yard pass to Brown

*Arkansas: 38-yard pass to Holloway, 4-yard rush, 8-yard pass to Brown, 55-yard pass to Ross, 3-yard rush, 10-yard pass to Wilson, 14-yard pass to Ross (note: 7 TDs ties SEC game record)

*Mississippi: 1-yard rush, 13-yard pass to Malik Dear, 7-yard pass to Dear


PRESCOTT’S TOUCHDOWN RECEIVERS 2012-2015: De’Runnya Wilson 18, Fred Ross 8, Fred Brown 5, Malcolm Johnson 5, Jameon Lewis 5, Brandon Holloway 3, Joe Morrow 3, Gus Walley 2, Gabe Myles 2, Malik Dear 2, Robert Johnson 2, LaDarius Perkins 2, Marcus Green 2, Justin Johnson 1, Darrion Hutcherson 1, Josh Robinson 1, Brandon Hill 1, Chad Bumphis 1, Artimas Samuel 1, Derrick Milton 1.

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