GPTV: Daniels and Sword Talk MSU Win Over TSU

GPTV: Mississippi State basketball players Travis Daniels (18 pts) and Craig Sword (16 pts, 4 blocks) talk about MSU's 86-73 win over Texas Southern.

What are your thoughts about your defense in the second half?
Craig Sword - "They were driving (on) us a lot in the first half and coach (Howland) came in at halftime and told us we were playing poor defense. And they were shooting something like 48% before the half ended. I just told myself that I had to step up as a leader and get some stops."

Do you feel like this game was one of the better defenses performances of the season for your team?
Craig Sword -"Yeah, it is close. Coach (Howland) also motivated me before the game when he said that (TSU's) 23 was the most athletic player on the court. I didn't think so."

You had a good second half offensively. Were they giving you something in that half?
Craig Sword - "I just let the offense come to me. I was trying to get everybody open and sometimes it would fall into my hands and I would be open."

How good were the guards in feeding you and Gavin in the post?
Travis Daniels - "I think they played well. They got it to us. Coach (Howland) emphasize a lot of getting the ball in the high post and whoever gets it, me or Gavin, if we don't have anything high-low just kick it out and our guards will knock it down. I think they did a good job overall."

Travis, what kind of confidence do you have with Gavin being in the post?
Travis Daniels - "It is a big confidence. He did his thing tonight. We just have to keep working after this."

Chicken, when was the last time you had 4 blocks in a game?
Craig Sword - "It was in high school, I think."

Coach Howland mentioned you guys are working more on defense. Have you seen that over the last couple of weeks?
Craig Sword - "Yeah, ever since we got back from Puerto Rico. Even during our time in Puerto Rico."

Why do you say that? What has practice been like?
Craig Sword - "Basically, we always start with our close outs. We will start sliding all the way to halfcourt for five to ten minutes. And when we do the scouting report all that we do is defense."

How much offense have you worked on?
Craig Sword - "Not much."

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