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Co-Lin standout defensive tackle

Mississippi State is facing some losses on the defensive line after this season. Co-Lin defensive tackle Tre Brown will be enrolling at Mississippi State in January in hopes of providing support along the defensive front wall. Last week, Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen spent some time with Brown and his family in two different locations.

"It was really cool to visit with Coach Mullen and Coach (Tony) Hughes," Brown said. "My mama couldn't come down here to meet with us at Co-Lin, so Coach Mullen went to see her first. She just had surgery, so she couldn't be down here. Coach Mullen still wanted to meet with her about everything, so he went to visit her. After they got done up there, they came down here and met with me and my dad."

Brown reports that the face time with the top Dawg was a very positive experience.

"It was exciting to hear all of the things they have planned for me when I get up there," Brown said. "I am taking my official visit up there this weekend and I am excited about that. I have been up there so many times that I know a lot about the campus and about the program."

Ackerman, Mississippi is home for Brown, so enrolling at Mississippi State brings him much closer to friends and family. Being close to his support system is an important part of the future for the talented three star.

"I wanted to go to State out of high school, but that didn't work out," Brown said. "I am going to be up there in a few weeks and that's something I have been looking forward to. It's been a long time coming, but it's almost time."

While Brown is eager to become a Bulldog officially, he looks back on his two years at Co-Lin fondly.

"I have learned a lot in my time here and not just about football," Brown said. "I've learned about being a better student and about becoming a man. I have learned a lot about working hard and about what it takes to get better in the class room and on the field.

"I feel like everything worked out how it was supposed to happen. It didn't feel like that when I first had to go to Co-Lin, but I think that this was the best thing for me now."

Brown and Wolfpack teammate Lashard Durr will be part of a strong group of official visitors in Starkville this weekend. The Bulldogs will be hosting their mid-year enrollment targets this weekend for their all expense paid excursions. The dead period begins at the conclusion of the weekend, so State will look to paint the big Maroon picture before the December signees make their final decisions.

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