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Injuries Shuffle Some Spots for Practices

Notebooking the first day of Mississippi State practices for the Belk Bowl, with a practice depth chart and injury report.

INJURY REPORT: Starting defensive end and team co-captain Ryan Brown is out for the bowl game after having a screw installed for a stress fracture in his right foot. He came out on a scooter near the end of practice, along with linebacker Dezmond Harris who had his season ended mid-way with another knee injury.

Tight end Gus Walley did not dress out for practice. He missed four whole games this season with first a broken hand and then a concussion, and is likely out for the bowl as well with repeated career concussions.

Starting right guard Devon Desper and starting defensive tackle Nick James did not practice but were dressed out, and spent some periods in rehab work for unreported conditions. Redshirting freshman defensive back Chris Stamps went through some drills in a red jersey, meaning no contact.

Not that there was any contact Friday. The Bulldogs worked in shorts and helmet, and according to Coach Dan Mullen they will be in partial-gear the next two days as well. On Monday they will go to full pads.


TAKING IT EASY: Though not hurting, a few Bulldog veterans had an easy day to open bowl practices. In a couple of cases very, very easy. Defensive end A.J. Jefferson for one barely broke a sweat in unit drills, and did not participate in any of the 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 periods. Fellow starter and tackle Chris Jones did do some full-team matchups but mostly watched everyone else in action.

And of course quarterback Dak Prescott spent most of the competition periods coaching younger quarterbacks. He did do some drills, most obviously the four-receiver drills since four quarterbacks were needed to throw. Normally Mississippi State would have five quarterbacks but Elijah Staley was excused to travel with basketball to their Saturday game at Missouri-Kansas City.


LINING THEM UP: So based on these drills and competition periods, here is the observed depth chart position by position. A * means that player was available but not working; or was rehabbing this day. Brown and Walley are not included.


LEFT TACKLE: Rufus Warren, Martinas Rankin, Cole Carter, Devin Hadley

LEFT GUARD: Justin Malone, Ronald Cochran, Michael Story

CENTER: Jamaal Clayborn, Harrison Moon, Jocquell Johnson, Nick Proby

RIGHT GUARD: Deion Calhoun, Darryl Williams, Jocquell Johnson, *Devon Desper

RIGHT TACKLE: Justin Senior, Elgton Jenkins, Damien Robinson, Evans Wilkerson

SPLIT END TIGHT END SIDE: Fred Brown, Joe Morrow, Jesse Jackson, Jonnas Spivey, Farrod Green

TIGHT END: Darrion Hutcherson, Justin Johnson, Aaron Hamaker, Farrod Green

SLOT RECEIVER: Fred Ross, Gabe Myles, Malik Dear, Keith Mixon

SPLIT END SLOT SIDE: De’Runnya Wilson, Donald Gray, Deddrick Thomas, Kareem Vance

RUNNING BACK: Brandon Holloway, Ashton Shumpert, Aeris Williams, Dontavian Lee, Nick Gibson, Alec Murphy

QUARTERBACK: Dak Prescott, Nick Fitzgerald, Damian Williams, Nick Tiano

LEFT DEFENSIVE END: Jonathan Calvin, Kendell Jones

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: Chris Jones, Cory Thomas, Grant Harris, Lawrence Brown

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: *Nick James, Torrey Dale, Braxton Hoyette, Fletcher Adams

RIGHT DEFENSIVE END: *A.J. Jefferson, Will Coleman, Anfernee Mullins

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER: Beniquez Brown, DeAndre Ward, Tim Washington, Josiah Phillips

MIDDLE LINEBACKER: Richie Brown, Gerri Green, Kelan Chairs, Leo Lewis

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER: J.T. Gray, Traver Jung, Richard Perkins

SAFETY: Kivon Coman, Jamal Peters, Mark McLaurin

SAFETY: Brandon Bryant, Deontay Evans, Hayes Walker

RIGHT CORNERBACK: Tolando Cleveland, Jamoral Graham, Chris Rayford, Brandon Davis

LEFT CORNERBACK: Taveze Calhoun, Cedric Jiles, Maurice Smitherman, *Chris Stamps


It does need noting though that on the offensive line, Jocquell Johnson was center for the #2 team in the two-minute offense period to open practice. He then went to guard for most line drills, so true freshman Harrison Moon could play center with the second squad.

Also, after practicing last spring and preseason at a right tackle, junior college redshirt Martinas Rankin was at #2 left tackle to begin bowl camp.

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