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Co-Lin standout defensive tackle Tre Brown talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

Co-Lin defensive tackle Tre Brown committed to Mississippi State at the conclusion of the Bulldogs' Big Dawg camp. Since that time, Brown has made regular trips to Starkville to become more familiar with the surroundings. This weekend, the three star standout took his official visit to learn more about all things Bulldog.

"I had a good time on my visit," Brown said. "I have been going back and forth so many times that it just feels like going to the house. I had already seen most everything before, but it was a good visit. I enjoyed it."

Brown had the chance to reunite with a former and future teammate during the official visit weekend.

"Jonathan Calvin was my host," Brown said. "I've known him for a while and he told me about everything. He said everything is easier up there if you work hard. He said that you have to be ready to work and that if you don't come in ready to work that it's going to be tough."

Mississippi State defensive line coach David Turner spent some quality time with Brown over the course of the weekend.

"I got to talk with Coach Turner a lot," Brown explained. "He told me not to go do anything crazy in these last two weeks before I get up there. He said that he was excited about coaching me and that they are ready for me to be up there. 

"He wants me to work hard and be ready to go when we start spring football."

Meetings were the order of the day on Saturday for both Brown and his family, but before the day was ever they got to see the Bulldogs in action.

"I got to meet players, coaches, teachers, athletic directors and all kinds of people," Brown said. "They talked with my parents about what classes I would be taking up there. 

"I enjoyed going to practice. I know that I am going to like it. I really liked watching them practice. They really get after it. There is a lot of hitting and they have a lot of intensity. We practice hard at Co-Lin, but they have a lot more intensity up there."

With major college football just weeks away, Brown is a bit reflective about his winding road to Starkville.

"I always wanted to go to Mississippi State, but I ended up having to go the junior college route," Brown said. "I am glad that I did though. It matured me and made me work harder. I'm glad I got the chance to go to Co-Lin and now I am finally getting to go to Mississippi State.

"I am excited about everything. This weekend just made me more excited about next year. I am ready to move on over there and get started."

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