Mississippi State point guard Malik Newman talks with the media, December 15, 2015

GPTV: Mississippi State freshman point guard Malik Newman talks about his performance this season, gives his throughts about his team's upcoming opponent Florida State as well as his impressions of fellow freshman Quinndary Weatherspoon.

Below is a partial transcript of the Q&A with Newman as provided by MSU Athletics Media Relations.

On his improvement over the season…“I think I’m starting to become who I really am (on the floor).”

On what is needed to get the team over the hump…“We just need to keep fighting, evaluating film and just get better as a team. I think we still have a lot of growing up to do.”

On Florida State’s transition offense…“They’re probably one of the best transition teams we will play this year. They’re a great team when it comes to playing in transition. If we can stop them in transition, I think we have a good chance of winning.”

On recovering from the turf toe injury and his feel for the college game…“The turf toe is not bothering me as much. I feel like I’m coming back into my comfort zone. The game hasn’t changed much. It’s more physical. At the end of the day, it’s still basketball.”

On how he envisions his role on the team…“Just being the player that can help win games and be a leader on and off the court.”

On how he embraces that role…“I just have to go in every day, work hard and prepare for the worst, hoping for the best.”

On Quinndary Weatherspoon’s improvement…“I have seen an improvement. Give him credit, because he’s worked on his shot a lot. His hard work is paying off.”

On if outside expectations get to him…“I think the only time it becomes pressure is when I let it become pressure.”

On Elijah Staley…“He’s a character. He brings a lot of energy to the locker room and practice. He’s one of those guys that if you’re having a bad day, you can go talk to him and he will help cheer you up. Once he gets in shape, he’ll earn some playing time. He can shoot and play in the post. He’s a big body that can be that bulldog on defense for us.”

On I.J. Ready’s injury affecting his role…“It will put me in different situations that I haven’t played in this season. That’s really about it.”


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