Wolfpack Defense Demands Respect from State's Record-Smashing Quarterback

There are ‘lasts’ worth getting sentimental about. His final turn at the Seal Center interview room podium? Nah. Dak Prescott cracks a big grin instead. “Yeah, it’s the last one! I mean, y’all want to celebrate, we can!”

Well, nobody in the Mississippi State press corps will celebrate the pending departure of Dak Prescott. Not after years of good interviews and good games to report. Still it will be the Bulldog program and all their fans who will miss him most.

And it is on Bank of America Stadium field that the greatest Bulldog football player of modern memory will play his final college game. Whether it is a fitting farewell depends on how Mississippi State handles North Carolina State. Which as usual, means how Dak Prescott performs this one more and one last time.


Now that you’ve had time to scout, what do you see from North Carolina State’s defense? “I see a good team. They play hard, it’s a good, solid team all the way around. They have some good pass rushers, they get after it. Some guys that play well in the secondary, some linebackers that do their jobs.”

“So I think it’s a solid defense. They do a little bit of everything, they’ve done everything during this season. So it’s a little hard boiling down 12 games just to see what they’ll play against us, but it’s a solid team.”


When did you start going into game prep or it still the younger guys? “Oh no, we’re in game prep. We’re going to leave Saturday ready to play the game if it was the next day or whatever. So we’re 100% game prep.”


You’ve been in the program five years, as you leave what do you see as the future of the program? “Bright. Brighter all around. Players are better than when I first got here to now. I mean bringing in better younger guys, guys that are developing more. So I mean it’s only bright for the future.”


You have NFL aspirations, but obviously you’ll always be tied to Mississippi State. Will you be seen around here for years to come? “Oh, yeah. I’ll be back. I definitely won’t go ghosting! Yeah, I’ll definitely be back.”


How do you handle the NFL stuff and concentrate on football too? “I’m just worried about N.C. State right now. I’m making sure my team is ready to go, they’re prepared for everything they’re going to give us. And just be the leader of this team for right now. I’ve got one more game to do that and I’m going to make the most of it and enjoy the moment while I can.”


What will you do after taking off Saturday for the Christmas? “I’ll go to where I went to high school a little bit for a couple of days. Then I’ll go back down south there with my family and spend Christmas. And then Christmas night, and then end up in Charlotte.”


After the Orange Bowl how seriously do you want walk out with a win this time in a bowl game? “A lot. I mean, the bowl game I know we want to say it’s a celebration. But it’s for us to get a win. Make sure we finish this season off the right way, this program goes into the off-season on a happy note, on a happy off-season and getting better. And all the seniors go out the right way.”


How often have you thought this is your last college game? “It’s come to my mind a little bit. It’s exciting. I’m thankful for everything I’ve been through in my five years that have gotten me to this point. Bu tit’s exciting.”


Have you talked to Ryan Brown, Kendrick Market, Will Redmond, they won’t be able to play in their final game? “No, I haven’t. But we’ll have senior dinner I think tomorrow night. So that will be a time to talk about that.”


Have you ever been to Charlotte? “No.”


You’re playing on a field with a currently undefeated NFL team, do you keep up with the Panthers? “I do a little bit. Maybe have to ‘dab’ or something if I get in the end zone! You’ll have to see for that, I don’t know!”

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