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Dakota Chapman, Physical And Tough

McAdory High School class of 2017 linebacker Dakota Chapman is a throw-back to the Dick Butkus type linebackers, big, physical and loves to hit.

Chapman recorded 85 tackles, 18 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks at linebacker during his junior season. In addition to those numbers he also recorded 23 pancake blocks at his H-back position on offense. Hitting, whether on defense or offense, is something that he loves to do. And college coaches like that as well.

"College coaches tell me that they like that I am real physical and that I am not afraid to get after it, not afraid to hit anybody," said the 6-foot-1, 230-pounder.

He also has a knack for the mental side of the game as well.

"I have a good football IQ and I'm always making plays that most people can't make," said Chapman. "I have always liked diagnosing football plays even when I was little. I would watch the NFL. I like to see what the coverage was going to do with the offenses. I can watch them and tell what they are going to do and who is going to make the tackle."

Several college coaches have seen enough of his play to extend a scholarship.

"I have offers from Samford, Georgia Southern and Army," said Chapman. "All three like my toughness, my physicality."

And tough he is.

"I broke my hand during a game this year and played through it and never missed a game," said Chapman.

With three offers on the table, Chapman is looking for even more. He is taking unofficial visits to gauge the interest from other schools.

"I have visited Samford, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Vandy," said Chapman. "I've been to Vandy twice and really like it up there. I've been to Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Southern Miss. I plan on making Junior Days at Vandy, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, places like that."

Once college coaches have made a commitment to him with offers, he plans on picking his school of choice based on certain criteria.

"I am looking for a place that I can call home, somewhere that I like and somewhere that I have a good relationship with the coaches," said Chapman. "I basically want to go to a place that feels like home."

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