4-Star ILB Will Ignont Update

Buckhorn (AL) High School class of 2017 Will Ignont, one of the top players in the nation, is adjusting to life as an inside linebacker after playing on the offensive side of the ball for most of his football career.

"My entire life I have been strictly playing running back," said Will Ignont. "So, it has been a bit of a transition for me when I switched over to linebacker this past year."

He spent the summer learning his new position after moving to linebacker last spring.

"I started working at linebacker last summer so I could prepare myself for my junior season," said the 6-foot-2, 235-pounder. "I got reps in our spring game but I didn't really look that good at linebacker. So, I worked all summer. I also didn't look very good in our jamboree game. But in our first game I showed up and had about 12 or 13 tackles, 150 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. I just kept working, trying to improve my craft until I finally felt comfortable playing the position."

He feels like having played on the offensive side of the ball as a running back helped the mental aspect of playing linebacker.

"Having played running back helps me a lot as a linebacker," said Ignont. "I know if a running back is faking to his right he is going to come back to his left. That is what I would do. I can also tell if a running back is going to try to run over me by how low his pad level is. It has helped me tremendously."

Despite having played the position just one season, Ignont is ranked the 6th best inside linebacker in the nation and the 189th ranked player overall by Scout. Ignont gives that very little of his attention.

"I don't think about things like (rankings)," said Ignont. "When I am at school or with my teammates all that I think about is getting my team better and getting myself better, prepare myself for the next level."

Speaking of the next level, Ignont already has 17 scholarship offers. He's already visited many of the ones that have offered and has plans on visiting several others this spring.

"I have unofficially visited Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Florida and Georgia," said Ignont. "I would also like to check out Tennessee. I definitely want to check out UCLA. I have a great relationship with their inside linebacker coach. I would also love to check out Ohio State and Penn State. It would be cool to take a visit up north because I have never really been up there."

While he doesn't plan an extensive camp schedule this summer, there are a couple of schools that may get camp workouts from him.

"I may camp with Auburn because I am comfortable with their entire coaching staff," said Ignont. "I may camp there just to see how I like their coaching. And Alabama as well. They are just two and a half to three hours away from my home."

As for what he is looking for in a school, he has strong opinions about that.

"I don't so much look at it as to who is good now or who has the best looking uniform," said Ignont. "I look at it this way, if I get hurt will I still like it at the school, will I still want to be there, will I want to grow up around the area? I think about those type things. I think about what is going to be best for me and my family at the end of the day."

What happens on the football field during his time at the school is also very important to him.

"I want to go somewhere where I will have fun but I also want it to be about business and where we are going to win games, compete for championships, and hopefully make it to the next level which is the NFL. That is my ultimate goal," said Ignont.

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