Noxubee County All-American defensive end Jeffrey Simmons talks about the places football has taken him.

Mississippi's top defensive player, Noxubee County defensive end Jeffery Simmons, is still working his way through the recruiting process. While his college intentions remain undeclared, Simmons had finalized his list of suitors to four SEC programs. The four star plans to officially visit three of those four before making his decision some time close to National Signing Day.

"It's been fun, but it's been stressful too," Jeffery Simmons said. "It's a big decision. It gets hard sometimes, but I am going to figure out where I want to go."

Scholarship offers have poured in from around the region, but it appears geography may play a role in the outcome. In three weeks, Simmons plans to cast his lot with an SEC program. 

"I am going to visit Mississippi State coming up this weekend," Simmons said. "I am going to Alabama the next weekend and then the last weekend, I am going to Ole Miss. Those three are still in it and Tennessee is too. It's going to be one of those four, but right now everybody is still even."

Rumors have run rampant in recent weeks that Simmons may be leaning to one school or another, but the Macon, Mississippi native reports that his deliberations continue as the contact period opens for the stretch run.

"Nobody knows what I am going to do," Simmons said. "I don't even know what I am going to do yet. I still have to figure it out. I will make a decision after all of my visits. I like all of the schools that I am still considering and that's why they're all still even. 

"I don't have a top school. I like all of the coaches and all of the teams. They are all good places."

Once his visits have been completed, Simmons plans to spend some time thinking about the pros and cons of each program before offering his signing day autograph to one very lucky program.

"It's not really going to be about sitting down and talking things out with my family," Simmons explained. "They are going to support me no matter what I choose. They just want me to let them know when it's time to decide. 

"It's not time to decide yet. I know that I am going to be somewhere for like the next three or four years, so I want to think about everything and then pick the place that fits me the best."

While the best of Simmons' young life may be still to come, the personable standout has experienced some of the best high school football has to offer. With a pair of state championships under his belt to go along with a win in the Mississippi/All-Star game and an appearance in the U.S. Army All-American game, Simmons is appreciative of his opportunities. 

"I have been able to accomplish some of the things that I was always dreamed of as a child," Simmons explained. "It's been great and I have been able to go to a lot of good places and meet a lot of great people.

"Being able to play in the U.S. Army game was a great experience. I was able to go and play with and against some of the best players in the nation and I feel like I did pretty good. I was one of the people they were talking about all week. 

"It's all been great and I have enjoyed all of it. I just have to pick a school now and get ready for the future now."

Simmons is ranked as the #1 player in the state of Mississippi and the #38 player nationally regardless of position for the 2016 signing class. The National 300 member reports that his announcement plans are not finalized, but that he hopes to celebrate the event with his family at Noxubee County High School. 

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