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Mississippi State verbal Korey Charles recaps his official visit to Mississippi State

Mississippi State hosted a dozen football visitors officially this weekend. Long time Mississippi State pledge Korey Charles was on hand for the only official visit on his pre-signing day schedule. While Charles has remained True Maroon throughout the recruiting process, the Tallahassee, Florida standout reports that his commitment is now stronger than ever.

"I had a great time," Korey Charles said. "I really enjoyed my time there and it was just a great experience. We got to do a whole lot and meet a lot of people and we ate a lot of great food."

Charles reports that the majority of his time on campus involved getting to know the people of Mississippi State as well as the facilities that he would use as a Bulldog student athlete.

"We got to go to dinner at the President's house (Dr. Mark Keenum)," Charles said. "We got to meet him and the first lady of Mississippi State (Rhonda Keenum). We got to take a picture with the President and he is a really nice guy.

"We went over to Coach (Dan) Mulllen's house and hung out for a while. We ate dinner of there and it was like a big family thing. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.

"We spent a lot of time around the players and at night we went out and spent some time with our hosts and all of the other players. They treated us like we were already on the team."

The current Bulldog player who was charged with hosting Charles during the weekend was freshman safety Mark McLaurin. Charles reports that the two became fast friends.

"I really like Mark," Charles said. "He is a cool guy and he showed me around and told me about what it's like up there. He made sure that I enjoyed myself."

Before heading for home, Charles had the chance to visit with Coach Dan Mullen about his future role on the Mississippi State roster.

"Coach Mullen said that they are going to put me where I fit in best position wise," Charles said. "I just want to be on the field and play whatever helps the team. 

"Coach Mullen said that he wants me to work hard to get my body right and be ready to come in and play. He said that they are expecting a lot from me and that he wants me to come and be ready to work.

"This is going to be the only visit that I take. I am just ready to get back over here and get started."

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