Two sport Texas standout talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

Lone Star state wide receiver prospect Zach Farrar took an official visit to Mississippi State this weekend to learn more about his opportunities with the Bulldogs. While this was not Farrar's first trip to the Magnolia State, this was his first chance to visit the Mississippi State campus.

"Everything went really well," Zach Farrar said. "I really had a great time and enjoyed seeing everything. The campus is really nice and all of the people were really glad to see me there. It was a great experience."

Farrar reports that the Bulldogs took a step forward with him after the personal meet and greet and guided tour. 

"Mississippi State would be a great place for me, because I would have the chance to play early, the facilities are great and I would be able to play baseball there," Farrar explained. "There is a chance for me to go in there and make an impact early in my career and that's important to me."

Recruited as an X wide receiver, Farrar is hopeful that he can continue to play baseball on the college level. During his official visit, he was able to speak with Bulldog baseball skipper, John Cohen. 

"I spent a lot of time with the baseball coaches and they had some great things to say," Farrar said. "They talked to me about their program and just explained to me how things go and what their expectations are.

"I spoke with Coach Mullen about all of that too and he that I could play baseball if I kept my grades up. He told me that it's tough to play two sports, but they would give me the chance to do that as long as I could handle everything."

A fellow Texan handled some of the hosting responsibilities over the course of the weekend. 

"Fred Ross was my host," Farrar said. "We talked about being from Texas and all of that. We hit it off right away. He's a great guy.

"He told me that I am going to have to work harder than I have ever worked in my entire life, but that it would be worth it. He told me that fan base is incredible and that the games are always lit. He said that it's a great atmosphere and that he thinks that I would like it there."

Before heading home, Farrar had the chance to talk with Coach Dan Mullen about possibly becoming a member of the Mississippi State family.

"He wanted me to commit" Farrar said. "He told me about how they would use me on offense and about how everything would work. He told me that they really wanted me to be a Bulldog and that they will be in touch with me."

While the Bulldogs took a step forward, Farrar reports that he plans to keep his cards close to his vest until the very end of the recruiting process.

"I have a top four," Farrar said. "I really enjoyed my time at Mississippi State and I really like them. I just want to keep everybody even right now and then make my decision in signing day. I just want to be sure about everything."

Farrar has risen up the ranks of the midlands wideouts after a solid senior season. The three star standout reports that Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Washington are the finalists for his signature.

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