West Point star offensive tackles Scott Lashley talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

Mississippi State did their best to roll out the big Maroon carpet this weekend for several of the Bulldogs' top recruiting targets. One of the biggest visitors literally and figuratively was West Point Goliath Scott Lashley. The four star offensive tackle made the short drive over from home and spent the weekend with Coach Dan Mullen and his staff.

"The visit was really good." Scott Lashley said. "There were a lot of good guys there. The coaches and the players all made me feel welcome. They made it feel like a family."

The "family" atmosphere appears to have been a big part of things as Lashley and his fellow visitors were able to spend some quality time with some of the people of Mississippi State.

"Probably the best part of the visit was being able to go over to Coach Mullen's house," Lashley said. "He opened his home to us and made us feel like we were part of his family. I was really impressed with how they did everything over there.

"Another big part of it was when we went to the President's house (Dr. Mark Keenum). He opened his home to us and he knew all of our names. He made us feel like we were important to him. A lot of places you go, the President may come in and shake your hand and say hello, but he let us have dinner with him and his family at his house.

"He played football too, so it felt like he sort of knew what we were all going through. He didn't play at State, but he played in JuCo."

In addition to the hospitality shown by some of the MSU decision makers, Lashley got the inside scoop from a West Point home town hero.

"Aeris Williams was my host," Lashley said. "He played here at West Point and we talked about all of that. He told me that when you get to Mississippi State that you have to be ready to work. He said they work hard all of the time in everything they do.

"He said that the coaches and the teachers and the trainers are all going to push you do your very best. He said they want you to improve as a player and a person.

"I feel like I know him so much better after this visit. I am glad we got to spend some time together."

The Bulldogs did not push Lashley for a commitment, but it appears that the talented tackle saw a lof of things to like about the Bulldogs.

"I just liked how they treated me over there and how they took care of my mama and my grandmama," Lashley explained. "When I was with the players and the other recruits, my mama and grandmama were with the coaches and the other families. It all felt like one big family."

Earlier today, Lashley revealed that his finalists were Alabama, LSU and Mississippi State. There is the possibility that the four star standout may not ever verbally commit. He may simply wait and sign his letter of intent on national signing day declaring his decision official.

"I am just trying to keep everybody even right now since I have a top three," Lashley said. "I have been to Mississippi State so many times before, but this time I learned that there is a big difference between an official and a unofficial visit. I saw a lot of things I had never seen before. I would say the visit helped me see some things.

"I still have some things to think about. I am just going to wait to signing day and the make my decision then."

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