The top wide out in the southeast. A.J. Brown, recaps his official visit to Alabama

The final days of the recruiting process promise to be event filled around the country. Within the borders of the state of Mississippi, half a dozen National 300 members are still debating their decisions. The top wideout in the state of Mississippi as well as the southeast, A.J. Brown, took the next step towards a verdict this past weekend when he took official visit number one.

"I had a good time on my visit to Alabama," A.J. Brown said. "It was everything I expected it to be. I had a good time and I got the chance to really see everything and meet everybody. I am glad that I took the trip."

Brown had the chance to gain some inside information about the program from one of the Crimson Tide's talented wideouts.

"ArDarius Stewart showed me around and told me about everything," Brown said. "He seems like a real good guy. He told me that you don't play if you don't work. He said that if I come there that I am going to have really work hard to get on the field. 

"He told me that the coaches push you hard and that they really hold you accountable. It's a winning culture over there and he said that they push you to live up to the standard. I am used to winning, so I know that it takes a lot of work."

Before making the drive home on Highway 82, Brown had the chance to get some much needed face time with Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

"It was good to be able to sit down and spend some time with Coach Saban and start building a relationship with him," Brown said. "We have never really had the chance to do that before. He's always so busy and it's tough to get time with him when you go over there for a game. We talked about how things would be if I went over there and I believe that is going to help me make a decision."

Brown raised a few eyebrows recently when he reported that he did not plan to spend one of his five official visits in his home town of Starkville. The four star pass catcher explains that the Bulldogs remain in contention.

"I mean, I live in Starkville," Brown said. "I have been around the players so many times and I have seen everything so many times, that I don't think I need to take an official visit to know what they have to offer. I am still considering them and I am going over there to have a meeting with them on the 27th and talk about everything.

"I would rather take my officials to places I haven't been before or haven't been to that often."

Rumors made the rounds recently that Brown already made a decision and was simply taking his officials to confirm his selection. It appears that there was some substance to those rumors, but things may have changed.

"I was thinking that I might have known where I wanted to go, but I am not sure about that yet," Brown said. "I want to take these visits and see how I feel about the program and see where I fit in the best."

Brown and his family plan to visit Cal this weekend, take a mid-week visit to Mississippi State on January 27th and close out the slate with a trip to Ole Miss the weekend of the 29th. Now ranked the nation's 5th best wide receiver, Brown plans to announce his selection on National Signing Day.

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