Diamond Dog Outfielder Working at Both Infield Corners and as New Relief Pitcher

He isn't sure now what position to best list him at. Nor does he really care for now. Reid Humphreys is happy to have so many options and opportunities for the upcoming 2016 Diamond Dog season.

Mississippi State's veteran outfielder started all three of this weekend's scrimmages in his usual left field role. But emphasis on 'started' because through the three scrimmages Humphreys got to take turns elsewhere. He worked an inning or so at first base, where the junior is being groomed as a backup, and it's no great transition seeing how Humphreys has played third base a good bit already in his varsity career.

The new twist for this season is going to the bullpen. Remember, back at Northwest Rankin High School he was being scouted as a pitcher before Tommy John surgery after the junior season. Now here in his third Mississippi State campaign Humphreys is getting a chance to show his stuff from the mound.

Four positions to practice in a hurried preseason? That's a regimen to stay very busy, and Humphreys likes it that way.

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