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25 observations from the Mississippi State Baseball scrimmages

Included is a list of 25 things that I observed while covering all three of the Mississippi State baseball scrimmages this past weekend.

1) The team ERA for the 3-scrimmage weekend was 6.90.
2) The team batting average was .295.
3) There were 8 errors committed during the three scrimmages, 2 by shortstops, 2 by third basemen, 1 by a pitcher, 1 by an outfielder, 1 by a catcher and 1 by a first baseman.
4) 18 pitchers threw during the weekend. Of the eighteen, seventeen topped out at 90 or above.
5) The top velo was recorded by junior RHP Dakota Hudson at 95. He was followed closely by freshman LHP Ethan Small who topped out at 94.
6) Many of you have asked about what bats the hitters are using this season. In the three scrimmages two type bats were used, Louisville Slugger and Rawlings. So, how did the hitters do with each bat? You can read that in my next comment, which is located on the Gene's Page Baseball forum. See the link below.

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