[Premium Article] Senior wide receiver Justin Jenkins talked to members of the media at Thursday's SEC football media days."> [Premium Article] Senior wide receiver Justin Jenkins talked to members of the media at Thursday's SEC football media days.">

Justin Jenkins talks to the Media

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/01players/football/2003/mediaday/jenkins.jpg" align="left" width="200" height="131"> [Premium Article] Senior wide receiver Justin Jenkins talked to members of the media at Thursday's SEC football media days.

Justin Jenkins quotes.

What are your goals for this season?
"We don't want to win six games this year, we want to win 10. Having been a part of winning teams, I have great expectations and confidence for this season. My (personal) goal is to be in better shape and be a better leader. I have worked hard to be more vocal as a senior."

What do expect from the freshmen coming in?
"We think that the freshmen can make a great impact on this team. I believe Quinton Culberson will be a standout."

How do you feel about your team heading into fall practice?
"I feel great. Coach Sherrill brought in a lot of new coaches. They brought a lot of confidence to the program. I feel we made great strides throughout the spring."

What's it been like the last two years after having such great success the years prior to that?
"It has been depressing, but you can't let that get to you. Coach Sherrill teaches us to play football by seasons. When you have a bad season, you have to put it behind you and get ready for the next season."

How has Coach Sherrill handled the two tough seasons and his family illnesses?
"He has handled things well. You would also believe that nothing is going on with Mississippi State. Coach Sherrill is a very good coach and a very good person. He teaches us you have to play to win. If you think about the losses, more will come."

Will it take a big win to develop the confidence needed to get the program back on track?
"Of course. We want to get that first win against Oregon. That's where it starts. If we get that win over Oregon I feel like that will give our team a little more confidence going into (the) Houston and Tulane (games)."

What do you like about this team?
"This is the hardest working team that I have ever been around. Coach (Mike) Grant has put in a great off-season workout program. Because of that, I feel this team has really gelled. I feel like, come August 30th, we are going to be more of a team and not make the little mistakes like we have the past two years."

What do you think about the new coaches that Coach Sherrill hired?
"Coach Sherrill made great choices with the coaches that he hired. They have winning ways. They bring a winning attitude to the program. I think the team will feed off of that. These coaches aren't the types that tell you you have to win. They know that we are going to win. When someone brings an attitude like that, it is very beneficial."

How has new wide receivers coach Guy Holliday helped you since he has been at State?
"He has taught me how to be confident without being cocky. He helps me do the little things right. It might just be rounding the route off. He's a good disciplinarian. He treats everybody the same. That's what I like about him the most. There's no favoritism. He has a great reputation due to where he comes from. Western Michigan passed the ball a lot and had great receivers."

I've watched him in practice. He really appears to be tough on you guys and expects a lot.
"He expects a lot from us. When someone messes up, he not only disciplines them, but disciplines everybody. We do that because we are a team."

How are you adjusting to the quarterback situation?
"We are adjusting well. We love Kevin and we love Kyle. They are both working hard. We have confidence that both of those guys can take us to the top. Kyle had a great spring and Kevin has a lot of experience in the SEC. Whoever takes the snaps August 30th is the one we will go with."

Where have you improved from last season?
"Confidence. I have total confidence in myself. I kind of got down on myself last year but Coach Sherrill was there to pick me up. That's why he is a good coach."

What do you think about Coach Watts' new offensive scheme?
"I love it. It is more wide open. I am looking for a totally new look. He uses the athletes to the best of their ability. He does what it takes to win. He has no favoritism. He has been at a lot of places and he has won at a lot of places. We are very confident in the moves he has made on offense."

You have been moved to split end from flanker. Are you comfortable with that move?
"I like it. I am more on a one-on-one basis with the cornerback. And I feel very confident in the one-on-one situation."

Who are the speedsters on this team?
"I would say Nicholas Turner and Fred Reid, then myself. I think we have a lot of speed but those two take the cake. They have a lot of athleticsm to go with that speed."

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