We, like everyone of you, love our families and our country. Yesterday, both were lost forever for thousands of Americans in New York and Washington, D.C.<P> Terrorists, in the most brutal act of terrorism against the United States within the boundaries of the United States, stole the lives of many Americans and the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of many others yesterday when they used airplanes owned by American companies to literally bomb buildings in New York city and Washington.

We, as citizens of the United States, will rise above this catastrophe, as we have risen above past brutal acts by insane and in some cases evil human beings, some of whom call themselves terrorists.

While I have no doubt that our military and government officials will bring to justice the terrorists who organized these brutal acts, we, as citizens of this great country, have a duty to help our fellow Americans.

While prayers are very important during this time of need, giving the gift of blood to your fellow countrymen through the Red Cross is also extremely important. Please take time out during the next few days to go to the Red Cross location nearest you and give blood.

Gene and Mary Ann Swindoll

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