Phenix City Central High School head football coach Jamey Dubose talks about new Mississippi State signee Jamal Couch.

The Mississippi State coaching staff went on the recruiting trail in search of a new X wide receiver to replace fan favorite De'Runnya Wilson. The Bulldogs are now trading one Alabama native for another as Wilson heads off to the NFL and the Bulldog welcome Phenix City Central High product Jamal Couch.

Central High School head football coach Jamey Dubose is more than a little bullish on Couch's long term potential as a player in the SEC and beyond.

"First of all, Jamal is just an exceptional person," Dubose said. "He is a great young man with a great attitude. He has a great mama and daddy and they will be at every single ball game. That's just the kind of people they are. They are extremely supportive of Jamal and were throughout his high school career. 

"He's worked really hard for us and just been a great player on and off the field. He has some serious potential and I believe he's going to do some big things there at Mississippi State."

Dubose reports that Couch's trajectory as a pass catcher is heading in a very positive direction. The 6-5, 220 pounder is still learning the nuances of the wide receiver position.

"Jamal has only been playing receiver for two years," Dubose said. "I guess it's really just been a year and a half. We moved him to receiver once I got here. He's done extremely well and he has embraced that role.

"I am expecting him to be a real factor in the SEC. He has great size, speed and he can play physical. I really believe he's going to be one of the greatest receivers they've ever had come through Mississippi State and he'll go on to the NFL."

In addition to being a strong football player, Dubose reports that Couch is very well liked at Central High School by faculty and students alike.

"You rarely see him without a smile on his face and that's genuine," Dubose said. "He's just that kind of person. He's not a guy that's going to give you any trouble. He's done a great job for us and he's never been any trouble in the two years that I have been here. We're real proud of him and for him."

With Wilson's unique skill set, he is expected to play early in his career, possibly as a true freshman.

"I know they have a need there this year, so I think he has the chance to go right in and play this year," Dubose said. "He's strong enough to play on special teams too, so I am sure he will be able to help them in a number of ways. I think once he gets up there and gets up to speed that he will have the chance to contribute."

Couch was one of two players signed in 2016 that are expected to play wide receiver. Three star standout John Michael Hankerson from South Bend, Indiana is expected to get his first snaps as a slot receiver, while Couch cuts his college teeth on the outside.

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