Parkway High School head football coach David Feaster talks about Mississippi State signee C.J. Morgan-Walker

Mississippi State welcomed five new football signees in January. One of the new arrivals, C.J. Morgan-Walker of Bossier City, Louisiana, graduated high school a semester early in an effort to take part in spring practice in Starkville. Morgan-Walker is on campus now and getting acclimated to college level.

Parkway High School head football coach, Coach David Fester, believes that Morgan-Walker has the chance to do some big things during his college career. 

"He's at Mississippi State now," Feaster said. "The plan was always for him to play defensive back and based on what they told me that appears to be the case. He played offense for us this year. 

It's sort of been my philosophy that if a guy is good enough to play defensive back in the SEC, then he needs to have the ball in his hands in high school. We just felt like we could get a lot more mileage out of him on offense rather than him just playing defense and covering the other team's best receiver.

"He did a great job for us the past few years for us and I am expecting him to do a great job for them up there at Mississippi State. They've always talked about him playing corner and I feel like he can be a good corner in the SEC."

Parkway has produced some very talented college prospects in recent years and Morgan-Walker is no exception. Coach Feaster reports that the personable defensive back is part of a growing legacy of great ambassadors on and off the field.

"He's always had a great attitude about everything," Feaster said. "We had Brandon Harris (LSU) here, Kenondre Wudtee is going to Oklahoma State and C.J. to Mississippi State. All of those guys are very similar when it comes to how they handle things and about how hard they work.

"C.J. has always done what we've asked of him and he's always done his best to be about the team first. He's worked hard on and off the field and you never hear anybody say anything bad about him, teachers, students, anybody."

Now part of an SEC program, Morgan-Walker is getting up to speed and learning what it takes to get a step ahead in football's toughest conference. Feaster looks for Morgan-Walker to grow into a Bulldog leader much as he did at Parkway High.

"Right now, I know he's learning and getting used to what they have to do up there," Fester said. "I know they're going to work him a lot harder up there than we did here. It will be an adjustment for him but he's the kind of guy that will work hard. Once he knows what's expected of him, he'll do it.

"I am sure he's listening to those older guys right now and just learning. Once he learns their system and their workouts, I know he will be one of those guys who tries to lead. He will be one of the guys pushing the other guys to get better. That's the kind of guy he is."

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