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Callaway standout defensive lineman Aaron Odom talks about his coach being named to the staff at Mississippi State.

Mississippi State has hosted a pair of junior day events for the 2017 recruiting cycle so far. One prospect attended both Saturdays in Starkville, Callaway High School four star defensive lineman Aaron Odom. Since his most recent visit to Mississippi State, Odom has seen his head coach leave his high school and join the staff at Mississippi State.

Coach Pat Austin left Callaway High School to serve on the staff at Mississippi State as part of the in office recruiting team. While Odom is happy for Austin, he has some more immediate concerns closer to home.

"We have to find a new head coach now and I am not sure who that's going to be," Aaron Odom said. "Coach Austin was a good coach. I had a good relationship with him. I guess you could say we were pretty close, kinda sorta.

"It seems like a good move for him. I am sure he will enjoy having the chance to be a part of a college program."

The last two times Odom was in Starkville, Austin was with him. Odom was part of the invite list for the first Mississippi State junior day. The second time, Odom elected to tag along.

"I went the last time to support my teammate," Odom said. "It was good though. I enjoyed myself up there both times. I had the chance to talk to all of the coaches including Coach (Dan) Mullen. They were telling me that they want me to come up there and be a part of their program.

"I got to talk with Coach (Peter) Sirmon and he seems like a good coach too."

Odom has collected early offers from Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. The four star standout has played at both linebacker and defensive end in his career, but seems destined for a college career as a defensive lineman.

Mississippi State was among the first to offer the versatile big man who reports that he has not set a time frame for a decision.

"I am not sure when I am going to decide," Odom said. "Right now, I just have everybody even. I am going to try to take some more trips and talk to some more coaches. I feel like I will know when it's time. It could be before the season or it could be after the season. I am just not sure when it's going to be. When I feel like the time is right, I will make my commitment."

While Odom is still considering his options, he knows what he wants from the college experience and not all of that has to do with football.

"I really want to go to a school with a great academic system," Odom explained. "I want to be in a good atmosphere and have some great coaches. I don't have to stay close to home or anything like that, but I want to go somewhere the makes me feel at home."

Odom recorded 124 tackles and 18 sacks as a junior. Heading into the spring evaluation period, the scout National 300 member is one of the names to watch as college coaches make their rounds to see which prospects pass the looks test. 

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