STARKVILLE, Miss. ­ The Southeastern Conference announced Wednesday that all league athletic events would be played as scheduled this weekend, including football games on Saturday, Sept. 15.<P> Mississippi State will play host to Brigham Young University as scheduled, Saturday, Sept. 15, at 6:30 p.m. (CT), at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.

"I understand why we're playing the game," MSU head football coach Jackie Sherrill said, "because it's important to show that no one person has the power to dictate our decisions and freedoms.

"That doesn't alter, however, the deep feelings we have for the tragic loss of life involved," Sherrill continued. I fully agree with having some way to recognize the people that have been hurt by this senseless act."

The conference has announced that league schools will contribute financially ($1,000,000) from the gate receipts to the relief effort, will accept donations from fans at weekend games, and will have an appropriate ceremony to express sentiments of sympathy and mourning.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (SEC Statement) -- The members of the Southeastern Conference mourn the tragic loss of lives, bodily injury and condemn the acts of destruction which occurred yesterday in this nation. Each of our institutions has been personally touched by these events.

After reviewing all of the issues involved, the Southeastern Conference announces that all Conference athletic events will be played as scheduled, including the football games on Saturday, September 15.

The Conference believes these events present a meaningful opportunity to bring our people together in a common expression of sympathy and mourning. An appropriate ceremony to express these sentiments will be held prior to each game.

The Conference also announces that the member institutions will donate $1,000,000 from the gate receipts and television fees to funds which will assist the victims of this tragic event. In addition, fans at each event will be encouraged to make donations to these funds.

In taking this action, we join the President of the United States and other leaders of our nation "not allowing this event to change our way of life or restrict our freedoms."

If required by changing events or circumstances, adjustments could be made to this schedule.

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