All-SEC Quarterback Throws for Scouts at Campus Event; Confident About his NFL Draft Opportunity

Dak Prescott has thrown plenty of passes for his coaches, teammates, and fans on campus. Thursday, the All-SEC quarterback was throwing again at Mississippi State...but this time for NFL scouts at Pro Day.

Talent hunters from 30 of the 32 NFL clubs, as well as one from the Canadian League, came to the Palmeiro Center Thursday morning to watch 16 departing or former Bulldogs perform. But whatever their franchises’ draft needs, every one of them was focused on the two-time All-SEC quarterback and Mississippi State’s greatest Bulldog of modern football times.

Know what? Prescott called the experience “humbling.” And he meant it, having watched previous Pro Days.

“Obviously the last four or five years coming in here, trying to get out of class early to catch it. To be a part of it now is very, very humbling and exciting.”

Prescott of course participated in the biggest pre-draft event, the NFL’s own Combine last month. There he went through the physical checklists, posting a 4.79 time in the 40-yard dash with a 32.5 inch vertical jump and 116 broad jump. Having done it in Indianapolis, Prescott chose not to lift or run this time as was his option.

Instead he just threw for the scouts, making good use of familiar receivers including fellow NFL prospects De’Runnya Wilson, Robert Johnson, Darrion Hutcherson, and even ’14 alumnus Jameon Lewis. The pace of those drills was faster than the norm for combines, even forcing Prescott to take snaps and rush throws at times.

“It was a solid performance,” Prescott said. “I think I did a good job transitioning my body weight from under the center into my throws. I had a couple of throws I want back.” Then again for those who’ve covered him the past four varsity seasons Prescott is a notorious perfectionist so even had he hit every throw on-target and on-time he would have found flaws to critique.

And besides, Prescott’s name is one of those getting increasing play ahead of this year’s draft. Some of this is obviously about his prime position in football. Much though is how he has interviewed with everyone, how he has handled media demands, and yes his work as MVP of the Senior Bowl in January.

“I think I’ve helped myself from the Senior Bowl to now, including the Combine. I think I had a pretty solid performance all the way through. I don’t think I’ve done anything to hinder my grade.”

Prescott said he will be returning to Orlando where he has been training, physically and mentally for NFL demands. Interestingly, the interviews have not been so much about how he throws a football which is the most common topic for a spread-offense quarterback.

It’s the intangibles.

“My past, the type of guy I am, the leadership qualities. Then some will quiz me because we get the stigma in this offense that we don’t read much. That’s probably the funnest part of this process, to get on the board and show the scouts who much I know about football.”

Prescott claims he isn’t really following the pre-draft speculation about what clubs he could end up with, or seeing what sorts of offenses those supposed candidates operate and how he might fit their schemes and staffs. Confidence is not something Prescott lacks in this area anyway.

“I feel I can play in anything.”

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