Bulldog Defensive Tackle Drills for NFL Scouts; Reports His Combine Incident is Paying Off

No, he did not display everything this time. Chris Jones reported to Mississippi State Pro Day in a more, ahem, covered condition. But the Bulldog defensive tackle did show scouts from 30 NFL clubs what they wanted to see in terms of size, speed, skills, and attitude.

Oh, and less of Chris Jones himself…as in bulk. “I’ve got to lose ten more pounds,” he related. “Right now I’m 311.”

Bulldog football fans are very familiar with Jones’ weight-y topic. He’s been battling to either gain pounds, and move from freshman defensive end to tackle; or lose it back to play starting snaps inside for three years. Now, he’s trying to hit targets to impress NFL franchises.

“Man, it’s a rough journey!,” Jones said of his weight changes. “I ended up losing 14 pounds before the (NFL) Combine so I have to work on the extra ten. It’s rough, it’s rough for a big man like me that loves to eat.” Jones definitely does NOT enjoy dining on “broccoli, organic foods” as he put it, and drinking gallons of water to slow the stomach growling.

“I go to bed starving sometimes. It’s rough!”

By contrast, MSU Pro Day went pretty smoothly. Jones did not run or lift this time, having performed at Indianapolis. There he clocked 5.03 for the 40 yards, did 24.5 in the vertical with a 106 broad jump, and 26 reps on the bench press. Though, his time for the dash did not get nearly as much attention as the wardrobe malfunction which left Jones over-exposed to the world.

Nothing got out of control Thursday in the Palmeiro Center. Jones went through the few movement drills required of linemen prospects and called it a day. “I think it went well,” he said.

“Make sure I work hard. They want to see me finish every drill. Even when I’m tired the want to make sure I pay attention to the smaller details.” What has also impressed scouts is how Jones’ Bulldog career showed he can be drafted for either a 3- or 4-technique defense.

On the whole, “I think I helped myself at the Combine,” Jones said. And not just as a draft prospect. That now-infamous incident has resulted in some marketing opportunities.

“I got some deals with some underwear companies. I got a positive out of a negative!”

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