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Nyah Tate's dad, Antonio Tate, talks about his daughter's commitment to Mississippi State women's basketball

Terry (MS) High School class of 2017 4-star two-guard Nyah Tate recently committed to Mississippi State women's basketball. Her dad, Antonio Tate, talked one-on-one with Gene's Page about his daughter's commitment.

  • Name: Nyah Tate
  • Classification: 2017
  • High School: Terry (MS) High School
  • Position: Two-Guard
  • HT: 6-foot
  • Ranking: 4-Star, 32nd rated player in the class of 2017 by ESPN-W HoopsGurlz
  • Schools Of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State

The recruiting process started early for the talented two-guard.

"Right after her 8th grade year she got a letter from both Ole Miss and Memphis," said Tate. "Then the summer between her 8th and 9th grades years she received her first two offers, Ole Miss and Memphis.She didn't understand at the time how big it was going to get."

But Nyah and her parents would soon learn how big it was going to become.

"I sent an email to Dan Olson (Director Of ESPN-W HoopGurlz and owner of Collegiate and told him he should take a look at Nyah Tate," said Tate. "He sent me an email right back and told me to hold up for now. Then, he sent me an email a couple of days later and told me that he had Nyah ranked 65th in the nation (in her class). That was between her 8th and 9th grades years. He had seen her a few times that summer."

The recruiting process came to a conclusion with her recent commitment to Mississippi State.

"She has always liked Mississippi State and she has always wanted to go to Mississippi State," said Tate. "She has always wanted to go to Mississippi State even before the basketball process started. And it got to the point where there were so many coaches calling and so much mail that she felt she needed to make a decision so she could move forward.

"We were coming home from a (Mississippi State) visit and she said out of the blue that she felt it was time And mom said, 'I respect that, it is your future.' So, she said it is time and she committed."

Despite growing up wanting to go to Mississippi State, Nyah also strongly considered several other colleges before ultimately choosing the Bulldogs.

"She also strongly considered Louisiana Tech, Arkansas, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Florida State, "said Tate, who noted that Nyah had over 20 offers.

Now that her recruitment is over, the Tate's are taking great pride in the fact that Nyah will represent her state at one of the top basketball programs in the nation.

"There is a lot of pride because you are able to say I am from this state and I am going to play for Mississippi State," said Tate. "And every indication that we have had from (Mississippi State head) Coach (Vic) Schaefer is that he wants to build a national championship type team. He wants to be there every year: he wants to live in the top 10. That is where he wants that program to be. And I believe him, I trust him. You can look at his program now and see that."

And to achieve that goal signing players of Tate's caliber is a necessity.

"Mississippi State got involved (recruiting-wise) with her her 9th grade year going into her 10th grade year," said Tate. "And when they came they came hard. One thing that Coach (Vic) Schaefer told us was that they didn't recruit (anyone else for) her position. They felt like she was what they needed and that she could help them. They felt like she could come up there and help their program a lot."

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