GPTV: MSU QB Coach Brian Johnson

GPTV: Mississippi State quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson talks about the progress of his young quarterbacks this spring.

What do you want your quarterbacks to accomplish this spring?
"It is all about the mindset everyday of coming out and competing and leaving practice a better player than when you stepped foot on the field. It is all about consistency, leadership and consistency each and every day. Everything is being evaluated."

Elijah (Staley) and (Nick) Fitzgerald both said they didn't perform up to their standards during Saturday's scrimmage. You were able to see things on film. What were some things that you saw on film that they need to improve on?
"If you play this game long enough you are going to have a game where you don't play very well. That goes to every single level of football. And sometimes those are the best teaching moments, those moments when you don't perform to your maximum ability each and every day. For those guys in particular it was good to get everything corrected on film. It was also a good chance for them to exhibit some leadership skills as well. Everything is teachable. We try to use everything, every moment to teach these young men."

I know there is still a lot of time before the start of the season. At what point in the timeline do you start to look to see who is going to break away from the rest and be that guy?
"You hope for a natural separation but we will let it go as long as we need to to get a great comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of each of the players."

What did you see from the film from Saturday's scrimmage that you liked and what things that they need to continue to work on?
"Overall, we have to limit turning the ball over. To be successful at your position you have to be able to take care of the football. You have to make good decisions with the ball to put our offense in the position to score. How the offense does during a game is ultimately how you are judged. Overall, they made a couple of good plays but overall they need a little more consistency."

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