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Mississippi State junior defensive tackle Tre Brown is preparing for his SEC debut

Mississippi State junior defensive tackle Tre Brown, a December signee from Co-Lin Community College, is preparing for his SEC debut

Mississippi State signed junior college defensive lineman Tre Brown from Co-Lin Community College during the December signing period. While Brown feels he was physically ready for the SEC, he learned very quickly why the SEC is so difficult to play in.

"The physical part is the easy part, whether it is getting off blocks, half stepping into the A gap or B gap and getting into the backfield," said Brown. "The hard part is focusing, knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it. You have to read the O-linemen's feet, their shoulder pads, their helmet. You have to look at the sideline, get the play in, know where the offensive linemen are, then figure out what I am going to do with the O-lineman. That has been the hardest thing for me to deal with."

Although it has been difficult adjusting to life in the SEC, having one of the top defensive line coaches in the game, Brian Baker, as his position coach has been a great help to Brown.

"Coach Baker has taught us a lot," said Brown. "As far as hands, flipping our hips, pass-rushing, he has taught us a lot."

Baker feels that Brown has all the tools necessary to be successful in the SEC.

"Coach Baker says he likes that I give great effort and he also says everything else, the physical part, the athletic part, all of those are already there," said Brown.

With his first SEC spring practice under his belt, Brown has a good idea what he needs to work on during the summer months.

"During the summer I am going to work on improving my stamina, my wind," said Brown. "I want to get better as far as my eyes and what I need to key on, I also want to get better at staying lower when I come out of my stance."

He also plans on adding a few more pounds to his frame.

"I felt like I needed to lose some weight so I could get faster but (Mississippi State senior defensive lineman) A.J. Jefferson told me that I need to gain more weight because this is the SEC," said Brown, who weighs 297 pounds. "He told me that I need to gain more weight so that I can be ready for it."

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