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Malik Newman asks for his release from Mississippi State

Mississippi State freshman guard Malik Newman has asked for his release from Mississippi State, according to his dad Horatio Webster.

"Malik has asked for his release from Mississippi State," said Webster. "He hasn't received it yet but we think he will."

Webster explained what went into this decision.

"Malik just didn't feel like the system Ben (Howland) runs fits his style of play," he said.

Despite asking for his release, Malik and Horatio both feel Ben is a great coach.

"Ben is a damn good coach," said Webster. "Ben's resume speaks for itself and he has put a lot of players in the NBA but Malik just didn't feel like his style of play fit his overall game. Sometimes things just don't work out. That was what happened in this case."

As for Malik's future plans, his intentions are to play for another major division-1 school.

"He will wait to see who recruits him and we will go from there but his plans are to play for another division-1 program if the opportunity is there," said Webster. "He does not plan on playing at a junior college or playing overseas."

If he does transfer to a division-1 program he realizes he will have to sit out a year. That actually fits best for Malik, according to Webster.

"Sitting out a year is best for Malik because he knows he has to mature and get his body in better shape to play college basketball," said Webster. "While his offense is good, he knows he still needs to work on building his body up and improving his defense. He can work on those things while he sits out."

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