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MSU senior linebacker Richie Brown is excited about the new defense

Mississippi State senior linebacker Richie Brown is excited about the new Peter Sirmon defense.

After working with new Bulldog defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon during the spring and getting to know him, Brown has come away impressed.

"Coach Sirmon is awesome and I am really getting along with him well," said Brown. "I love what he is doing here and what a great leader he is for us. He is the only defensive coordinator that actually played in the NFL. He also played college ball just like we are doing. So, he can relate to us really well because he has been in our shoes. That is really good from a leadership standpoint."

Brown is also impressed with Sirmon's defensive style, although it has it's challenges.

"He brings different lingo to the table, kind of a wider variety of a defense," said Brown. "There have been some tough adjustments to his defense because it has more options and that is kind of challenging. But I think that will be an advantage to us during the season."

For Brown and the rest of the linebackers there is much more expected of them in the defense.

"With this defense, the linebackers have to focus more on the entire defense," he said. "We have to know what everybody is doing because that affects what we have to do. We are still learning the defense but I am more comfortable with it now."

Based on what he has seen from the defense schemes and a talented group of players, Brown expects the defense to thrive this year.

"This defense can be really good," said Brown. "We have a lot of talented guys. We also have a lot of talented young guys who have been doing a lot of great things this summer. I think if they step up we can have a really good defense."

As for Brown's role on the team, he not only want to be a playmaker but also a guy who the other players look up to.

"Something that I want to emphasize is being a leader this year and I want to do that by serving my teammates," said Brown. "I have been blessed to learn from really quality leaders, guys who are doing a lot with their lives right now. I learned a lot about hard work and how to face adversity. That will help me with all the awesome teammates that I have."

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